The optimal temperature setting for your AC during hot summer months balances comfort with energy savings. Start with the most efficient setting. recommends 78 degrees while you’re at home. An increase of 7 to 10 degrees, while you’re away, can save up to 10 percent on your cooling bills.

Improve AC Efficiency with a Smart Thermostat

Use of a programmable thermostat can help ensure money-saving temperature adjustments happen. For more efficiency, consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat. Maintaining the smallest difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures provides the most savings. Weather is often unpredictable. But with a smart thermostat, you can change your AC settings from anywhere. Adjust your AC temperature with your smartphone when outdoor temperatures change unexpectedly.

How to Boost Your Comfort Level

If you’re not used to a 78-degree AC setting, it may feel uncomfortable at first. Resist the temptation to lower your AC temperature. Instead, apply some cost-effective methods for keeping cool. These ideas can help cool you down for less:

  • Install insulating window film. Some films can save homeowners up to 30 percent on cooling costs.
  • Change your bedding. Choose natural moisture-wicking fibers, such as linen and cotton.
  • Run your ceiling fans counterclockwise when you’re in the room. It forces air down and makes you feel cooler through a wind chill effect.
  • Use LED light bulbs in place of CFL, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs. LEDs don’t put out heat.
  • Grill more. Keep the cooking heat outdoors as often as possible.
  • Add awnings over windows to block heat.
  • Insulate your doors and windows with tighter seals. It helps keep hot air out and cool air in.
  • Improve AC efficiency with recommended maintenance.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

You rely on your AC to stay cool in the summer. Give it the TLC it requires for top performance. Replace the filter as needed. This may be monthly during summer use. A good rule of thumb is to examine it once a month over 12 months. Note when it needs replacement. Use that info for your future replacement schedule.

An annual tuneup provides important professional AC maintenance. Schedule in the spring to make sure your unit will work properly before you need it. Plus, your HVAC technician is more likely to be available before peak AC season. Contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Outer Banks for an AC Tuneup to help your AC run smoothly all summer.