We sincerely hope that if a hurricane hits our area this season, that you and your family will be safe and sound. We extend that hope to your HVAC system as well.

Following a rough storm, it’s important to do a thorough check of any HVAC damage. This can help to diagnose a problem before it potentially gets bigger.

Here are some basic steps you can take to inspect your HVAC system:

  • Look for any dents, HVAC flood damage, and debris in or around your units. Don’t forget to check your indoor equipment, not just outdoor.
  • Check for any loose or disconnected electrical wires. If you see any, contact an emergency electrician immediately.
  • Check your equipment for mold after any hurricanes or heavy rain.
  • Perform a 48-72 hour test of your equipment to properly assess any issues. Pay attention for any unusual odors or noises.
  • Inspect your chimney for debris.

Our professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can help by:

  • Inspecting systems that might have been submerged in a flood.
  • Conducting professional mold remediation on wet ductwork.
  • Replacing or cleaning ducts, humidifier pads, the evaporator, the drain hose, or the blower.
  • Inspecting coil fins that could have been struck by hail.

We treat your emergency like its our own.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we are 100% committed to doing what is best for our customers, employees, and our local community. As long as it is safe for us to remain open during or after a storm, we will be there for any other Emergency Services you might need. Our team will be there for you. Contact your local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for any of your pre- or post-hurricane needs.