What Is That Noise Coming from My AC?

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What IS that noise? When things go wrong with your AC it can make all types of strange and unnerving sounds. Is it a groan, a wheeze, or banging? We know it can be a little embarrassing to imitate your noisy AC, so we’ve collected the most common noises and their potential causes. With these troubleshooting tips, you can be prepared to describe what may be going on with your central air to the Peoria, IL  air conditioning repair experts at AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Here are some common noises that could be signs you need cooling repair.


Buzzing can indicate a range of problems, some minor and some more serious. If you hear buzzing, it’s a good idea to note where the buzzing is coming from your outside unit or the inside equipment. Buzzing could have a not so serious cause, like debris caught in the condenser unit, loose parts, dirty filters, or dirty condenser coils. More serious causes of buzzing sounds could include a failing fan, an off-balance blower, or a refrigerant leak. Contact your air conditioning in Peoria experts at AA Northgate to pinpoint the cause of buzzing.


Normally your air conditioning will make a click when it turns on and off. But if the clicking is constant, repetitive, or louder than usual, it may point to a faulty electrical connection. A service call to check your wiring and circuits can usually detect the problem.


Like buzzing, rattling sounds may mean loose part debris in the condenser unit, or in the worst case, a declining compressor motor. If buzzing is your symptom, it’s worth a call to Peoria’s heating and cooling experts at AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® for service.

Thudding or Banging

If your AC is making loud banging or thudding sounds, turn it off right away. The cause could be a loose part in the compressor motor, including rods, pistons, or crankshaft. Another source might include the AC blower assembly or motor. 


Many AC units produce a squeal when normally starting up. But when you notice a squeal that is louder or longer than the normal sound, it could mean your AC needs attention. Prolonged squealing could be a sign that the outdoor fan motor or the indoor blower motor is failing. Sometimes squealing can point to a problem with the blower wheel and its housing.

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