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Air Sealing

What Is Air Sealing?

The cracks and gaps in the walls, ceilings and floors of your house are a primary cause of drafts that cost you both comfort and money. Air sealing stops these drafts in their tracks. Air sealing tightens the building envelope, or shell, so less of the heated or cooled air in your home escapes. The result? Your house is more comfortable and your mechanical systems operate more efficiently.

Common Air Leakage Locations

  • Plumbing and electrical penetrations
  • Attic hatches
  • Top plates in attics
  • Basement floor joists
  • Ducts in unheated spaces
  • Fireplaces
  • Fans and vents

The Benefits of Air Sealing Your Illinois Home

On top of reducing energy costs and getting rid of drafts, air sealing also:

  • Improves insulation performance
  • Reduces moisture, mold and dust issues
  • Reduces temperature imbalances

Your insulation is like a fleece jacket. Air sealing acts as a windbreaker. It’s the layer of protection against air and moisture. Properly-applied air sealing can improve the performance of your home’s insulation.

Moisture is your home’s worst enemy. It can cause damage to finish, structural decay and mold problems. Air sealing acts as a moisture barrier, keeping moisture and mold out of your house. Air sealing also stops dust from getting into your home, improving the indoor air quality.

Eliminating air leaks stops the drafts that are the major source of complaints about comfort.

Tracking Down Air Leaks

While there are some common air leakage locations, every house is different. Tracking down the air leakage locations in your house requires a professional whole home energy audit. AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® offers a free energy audit in which we use diagnostic tools to find the areas in your house and identify the best ways for you to save energy.

Small air leaks into attic spaces are a major source of air leakage in many homes. Attic air sealing is important; without it, all the small gaps around plumbing pipes, light fixtures, chimneys and other penetrations through the ceiling act like a chimney. The result is heated air -- that you’ve paid for -- is pulled into your attic and cold air is sucked into your home, causing drafts and making you uncomfortable.

Air Sealing Is Not Just Plugging A Hole!

Did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to carry out air sealing, depending on where you live and how your house is constructed? Caulking and weatherstripping are the basics, but different building techniques require different air barrier materials and approaches.

There are techniques and materials that are best suited to the Central Illinois climate. Once we know where the air leakage locations are, we’ll seal them off properly with the right materials.

AAA Northgate One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® and Ameren Illinois are working together to save you energy and money. We are a registered Home Comfort Ally, providing excellent service so you can save money and energy.

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