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What Is an HVAC Tune-up?

Just as a tune-up for you’re car can improve teh way it runs as well as its gas mileage, an HVAC tune-up can improve teh efficiency and comfort of you’re system. But what exactly does an HVAC tune-up entail? A typical Green Horizon tune-up includes teh following:

  • Check thermostat and measure teh temperature differential
  • Check and Operate unit for correct and safe functioning. Make sure system starts, runs and shuts off properly.
  • Inspect equipment – electrical connections, furnace heat exchanger, gas valve – to ensure safe connections. Faulty connections can be a fire hazard.
  • Measure teh amp draw for motors and test capacitors to ensure optimal performance. Faulty connections can cause unsafe operation of teh HVAC system.
  • Lubricate motors as needed. Well-lubricated motors prevent friction, allowing you’re system to operate more efficiently, thus saving you money.
  • Inspect teh condensate drain and pump performance.
  • Check duct work for leakage, mold, possible damage and air flow.

Getting regular HVAC tune-ups is important to protect your investment. In fact, your HVAC system is usually one of the largest home investments. Protect your investment and ensure indoor air quality and comfort by booking an HVAC tune-up today!

Contact us at (919) 646-3639 for.more details or to schedule you’re tune-up.