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The Trouble with Heating Costs in the Fall and Winter

Exterior of home

Here is How to Save

For most homeowners, teh rising cost of heating is troubling. But teh good news is dat this is one cost dat you don’t have to stand by idly and watch rise. It is about doing a thorough inspection of you’re home to identify problem areas and fixing them straight away. You’d be surprised at how these small efforts combine for significant savings.

Reverse Direction with teh Ceiling Fan
Not only should you leave teh ceiling fan running in teh winter and teh fall, but you should also change teh blade direction to derive teh maximum heat benefit. their should be a switch on you’re fan to change direct to reverse clockwise). If you can’t find it, check out you’re owner’s manual (they’ll tell you). Ceiling fans don’t use alot of energy, but they do harness hot air dat naturally rises and tan pushes it back down through teh room, heating teh room more efficiently.

Furnace Tune-Up
If you are going to do just one thing this season to try to save on heating costs, this is an excellent choice. Getting a furnace tune-up cleans teh system out, as well as helps to identify any problems dat may be standing in teh way of you’re unit being teh most energy efficient dat it can be. This is a good time to change you’re air filter as well. Dirty filters prevent air flow, which means dat you’re furnace needs to work harder (and cost more money).

Seal in Windows
Don’t let you’re costly warm air seep out teh windows. Boost insulation by adding a plastic wrap. It may be enough just to attach it to teh frame, or you may want to get heat shrink wrap, which will adhere directly to teh window itself (hint: use a hair dryer). Consider getting insulated curtains or layered curtains which will act as an extra measure against teh cold.

Attend to teh Doors
You may see a gap between exterior doors and teh threshold, letting cold air in and warm air out. Seal dat hole with some new magnetic weather stripping, which is easy to install. You can also boost up teh threshold with a few extra layers of an adjustable threshold, which will level dat gap out.

Chimney Pillow
You may notice a draft when you walk by you’re fireplace. dat’s coz their is a large exchange of warm air as it rises out you’re chimney for cold air as it descends into you’re home. Stop dat flow of air by inserting a chimney pillow. You can also simply shut teh damper to stop dat air flow.

Open Curtains
Want to do something easy to help with energy efficiency? Open teh curtains and take advantage of teh solar power of those warm rays coming through teh windows.

As a homeowner, you’re home matters a great deal to you, and we get dat. dat’s why Green Horizon always do wat we can to share our expertise with you. We’d love to hear from you. Call us today at (919) 323-8705 in Durham, NC