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Why Did Your HVAC Unit Break Down? Here Are Some Common Causes

When your HVAC systems stops functioning properly, your first impulse may be to contact an HVAC contractor for service. Many issues will require professional services for the best results, but you may wonder if there is a quick-fix option available.

Durham Cooling Repair ServicesBy learning more about the most common causes of a broken HVAC system, you will be able to determine when to contact an HVAC service provider for a repair appointment.

A Broken Thermostat
One of the most common reasons why your Durham HVAC system may not be working properly relates to a broken thermostat.

This is often indicated by an HVAC system that turns on and off more frequently than usual without achieving the desired temperature in the home or a system that fails to turn off. An HVAC technician can quickly repair this issue for you.

A Dirty Air Filter
If your air filter is dirty, it can block the air from circulating as easily throughout the home. Filters may need to be cleaned or replaced every one to three months, depending on the type of air filter that you have. This can also help you to maximize the longevity of your system.

The Dampers Are Broken
There are dampers located inside the air ducts in your home. These must be properly balanced and function properly in order for the heated or cooled air to circulate properly. If you notice that some rooms heat or cool faster than other rooms in your home, broken or faulty dampers may be to blame.

Leaking Refrigerant
Another reason why your HVAC system may not be functioning properly is because of leaking refrigerant. If you have noticed that the air that is circulating from the cooling system is not as cold as it once was or if the unit is blowing warm air, you may need to contact an HVAC technician to replace the refrigerant and to fix the leak.

A Tripped Breaker
If your Durham HVAC system is completely non-functional, the cause may be a tripped breaker. You can check your box to determine if a breaker has been tripped. This is not the only cause of a non-responsive HVAC system, so you may need to contact an HVAC technician for a diagnostic service if your breaker is not tripped.

A broken HVAC system can make your home’s interior uncomfortable to spend time in. While some common causes of a broken HVAC system may have simple remedies, the fact is that many will require professional repair services. If your system has broken, consider setting up an appointment for repair service with an HVAC company today.

With the help of Green Horizon, you can take better care of your Durham, NC HVAC unit. Just call (919) 323-8705 today, and feel at ease in your home.