How to Repair a Broken Furnace in Minneapolis, MN

Having a broken furnace just as we’re getting into winter is a disaster if ever there was one. In Minnesota, our winters are tough, and having sufficient heat in our homes is a matter of safety, not just comfort. With that being said, there should be no delay in examining your system now, before temperatures are at their worst, to determine what the issue is – and solve it. Here is what you should do to repair a broken furnace in your Minneapolis area home.

Make Sure Everything Is On

It sounds silly, but don’t scoff yet – everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes repairs and servicing other systems in your home can interfere, and a component crucial to your furnace’s operation gets turned off by accident, or simply never gets turned back on. It does happen. So first off, make sure that the thermostat is on, and that it’s on the heat setting. After that, check the switch. A commonality among all furnace systems, regardless of make, model, or age, is that they will be near a wall switch. Make sure it is plugged in. Next, check the fuse switch on the appliance, as well as the circuit breaker, to make sure they are functioning properly also. If you have a gas furnace, the process is a little simpler: just make sure the valve is on, and to be sure, check to make certain the pilot light for the unit is on as well.

Change Your Filters

This one might be easy to overlook, but yes, examine the filter. Changing your filters in every appliance that circulates air within your home is crucial to both functionality and lifespan, and also to the comfort of your entire household. When any appliance cannot push air through easily, it works extra-hard to do its job – and that causes it to overheat and automatically turn off as a result. That could easily be your “broken furnace.” If you use the less-expensive filters, it’s important to change them at least once a month to be safe. Pleated filters are usually good for about three months, but you should still inspect just to be sure. Regardless of which kind of filter you buy, if you have pets, a lot of foot traffic, or any major dust generator, definitely check your filter once in a while!

Check All of Your Ducts

Are you noticing temperature inconsistencies in certain rooms? Did you jump to the conclusion that it has to be your furnace? Well, think again, and do this check: First, make sure all of the registers in the rooms in question are open, then check your ductwork. Examine as much of the visible portions as possible. Do you see any gaps? If so, reseal them with metal duct tape and see if that does the trick. Then, make sure that the dampers are open.

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