Can Your Minneapolis Home Benefit From a Zoned Heating System?

Zoned heating map

There is a great chance that not everyone in your home is comfortable with the same temperature as you. Some tend to feel too cold, while others would feel too hot even when it is snowing outside. If you often find yourself arguing over the temperature of the thermostat, here’s some good news for you! A zoned heating system can be your new best friend.

A zoned HVAC system lets you create independent comfort depending on the location of the room. Instead of having the same temperature in all the rooms, as you would with a traditional thermostat, HVAC systems allow you to set different temperatures for each room or zone.

A little known fact is that each room in your house requires a different temperature. If your home has multiple stories, a zoned HVAC system is the right choice for you. As warm air rises, the rooms on the higher floors will get warmer in comparison to the rooms in the basement or ground floor. Rooms that receive direct sunlight too tend to be warmer.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Zoning?

If you are still confused about ditching your old thermostat, here are some benefits of heat zoning that may help you make a decision.

  • Multiple Thermostats: An HVAC zoning system has multiple thermostats. This lets everyone personalize the temperature according to their comfort level. Each room requires a different temperature, depending on whether it receives direct sunlight or is on a higher floor. Multiple thermostats help maintain these temperatures.
  • Day and Night Features: A zoning system gives you greater control. By dividing your home into different zones, you can maintain different temperatures in accordance with the time of the day. Since bedrooms are used mostly at night, you can set its thermostat to circulate less heated air during the day. Whereas for rooms such as the living room or the kitchen, you can maintain a constant temperature. This will also help you save energy.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Since a zoning system lets you set different temperatures for different rooms, you can easily turn off or decrease the flow of warm air for a room that is not being used. This can help you reduce your energy costs by 30%.
  • Extends the Life of Your Furnace: An HVAC system avoids wear and tear as it does not have to move air throughout the entire home at all times. It reduces the load on the thermostat and ensures extended life of your furnace as well.

A zoning system is ideal for homes with high ceilings, large windows, multiple stories, and a loft. An HVAC system comes with many benefits and helps you save money. Also, custom comfort becomes easier to achieve. With an HVAC system, you can ensure a comfortable winter season for everyone in your house.

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