How to Know When to Repair or Replace Your Maple Park Home’s Plumbing Fixtures

Replacing or repairing your home’s plumbing fixtures is something that can easily overwhelm homeowners. You don’t want to spend money on replacing something that can easily be repaired. On the other hand, repairing the same thing time and again instead of replacing it can drain your finances in the long term.

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Here are a few things to consider that can help you make the right decision.

Know the Lifespan of Your Home Plumbing

While pipes do last long, they are bound to wear out some time. The lifespan of the pipes in your home will depend mainly on the material. Copper pipes can last for more than 50 years, while PVC pipes often last indefinitely. Other common materials are cast iron (75 to 100 years), galvanized steel (20 to 50 years), and brass (40 to 45 years).

Other factors to consider are pipe joints, fittings and mechanical components that connect your plumbing to household fixtures. If you are wondering whether to repair or replace the plumbing in your house, the age of the pipes and their material should definitely be evaluated. If the pipes are outdated, replacing them will be more efficient than merely repairing them.

What Are Common Plumbing Problems You Might Face?

There are many problems one can face with plumbing, leading to the ‘replace or repair’ debate. Some of the common issues are corrosion, clogging and mold, as well as poor water volume or quality. Not only are these issues bad for the plumbing fixtures, but they also pose health risks.

You should get a professional’s opinion to know the depth of your plumbing problem. The evaluation will help you make an informed decision.

How Often Do You Face Plumbing Problems?

Keeping track of how frequently you get something repaired will help you in the long-run. Getting one leak fixed a year makes sense. However, if you are getting the same leak repaired multiple times a year, you should consider getting the fixture replaced.

You must also consider the amount of money you would save by not getting something replaced. If you are going to live in the same house long enough, you may have to get it repaired again.

Pipe replacement is one of the most overwhelming home repair projects of all. The consequences of delaying the repairs of your plumbing fixtures can be catastrophic. Neglecting the repairs for long may require a total teardown of the walls in your house in order to replace the fixtures.

Trained plumbing experts can help you make the right decision.

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