Minneapolis Water Pipes Need Attention Now

Now is the time to start preparing by taking the necessary steps to prevent freezing pipes. With winter just around the corner, you want to winterize plumbing pipes before the first freeze. Otherwise you could be left in the cold.

Do the following things to your water pipes in your Minneapolis home, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that your pipes won’t freeze when the temperatures start to drop.

Wrap the Water Pipes Up

Water pipes that are wrapped in insulated sleeves or slip-on foam insulation are less likely to freeze when temperatures drop below zero. Insulated sleeves and foam insulation strips can be purchased at a local hardware store.

All water pipes should be insulated. However, if you have copper or metal water pipes, it is extremely important that you wrap them up in insulation as they are more likely to freeze.

When wrapping up the water pipes, it is important that you make sure you don’t leave any gaps or spaces between the insulation and the pipes. Cold air can enter even the smallest gaps or cracks. If cold air gets into the gaps or spaces, it could cause your water pipes to freeze.

Check for Any Cracks, Gaps or Spaces

Inspect all doors, windows and walls of your Minneapolis home for cracks, damage or holes that could cause cold air to get inside. Gaps and spaces around your windows and doors can usually be fixed with the use of caulking.

Keep Faucets Dripping

If you are worried that a particular set of pipes might freeze, you should consider letting the faucet drip. The small drip from the faucet will keep water moving through the pipes. Moving water is less likely to freeze.

Other Things to Do to Prevent Freezing Water Pipes

Some other simple things you can do to winterize plumbing pipes include:

  • Keeping your home heated at a consistent temperature.
  • Blocking off any air vents that lead to the outside — air vents can be blocked using a piece of cardboard or foam insulation.
  • Making sure any crawl spaces or attics are properly insulated.
  • Wrap water pipes in heat tape.
  • Check to make sure that all water has been drained from any outdoor faucets and hoses.

Need Help Winterizing Your Water Pipes? Call Us!

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