Ramsey Homeowners Need to Know If Their Furnace Is Ready for a Polar Coaster Winter

If the recently released winter forecast predictions from the Farmers’ Almanac are to be believed, the first half of 2020 is going to be filled with snow-filled days and sub-zero temperatures. Discover what type of weather is predicted for the Minneapolis and Ramsey area, and you will see how important it is that you make sure your furnace is fully operational.

Prepare for One Wild Winter

One thing is for certain: the upcoming winter is going to be wild. Experts who created the weather predictions for the Farmers’ Almanac are calling for a “polar coaster” winter where the temperatures are going to fluctuate from unseasonably warm to record-setting cold. 

On the days when it is warm, the temperatures will be really warm. On the days when the temperatures are cold, they are going to be really, really cold. In fact, there are going to be days when the temperatures are so cold that it will shatter a few records. 

Cold temperatures aren’t the only things homeowners in Ramsey will have to prepare to face this winter. In addition to the record-setting cold temperatures, the days will be filled with tons of snow and sleet. 

Be Prepared for Record-Setting Cold Temperatures

In order to prepare for the record-setting cold temperature winter that is ahead, it is recommended that during the months of October, November and early December you schedule a furnace maintenance appointment with a heating and cooling technician. Scheduling a maintenance appointment for your furnace before winter arrives will help you avoid waking up one cold winter morning and discovering that your furnace isn’t working. 

During a maintenance appointment, an experienced technician will come to your home and inspect your heating unit. The technician is looking for any cracks or rust that may have developed around the furnace. Cracks and rust may look harmless, but they can prevent your heating unit from working properly and could even cause carbon monoxide poisoning. 

If any problems are discovered during the furnace inspection, the technician will provide you with recommendations on how to correct them. If your heating unit is relatively new, the technician may recommend that you consider repairing the existing unit. However, if your heating unit is older or has a lot of rust/cracks, the technician may recommend that it would be better to replace the old unit with a new furnace.  

Don’t be left in the cold with a non-operational heating unit. Prepare for the upcoming polar coaster by scheduling a maintenance appointment for your furnace with the expert technicians at Northern's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Our experienced technicians provide a number of valuable services ranging from furnace repair to new furnace installation. Call us today to schedule an appointment before winter arrives!