Don’t Turn On Your Heater Until You’ve Had a Preseason Check!

It’s been a long spring and summer (in more than a few ways), and through all that time, your heater has been sitting unused. As we head into the cold season, it’s vital that you get your heater tuned up before you start using it every day. Switching from months of zero use to heavy use without a tune-up could create efficiency problems for your heating system, and could even result in a serious repair issue. 

If you want to schedule a preseason tune-up immediately, set up an appointment with Northern's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Our Ramsey heating service provides our customers with guaranteed results for two years, with long-lasting repairs from licensed HVAC technicians. Call (763) 284-8639 today to request service!

Below, we get into why getting a preseason check-up for your heating system saves you money, keeps you healthy, and prevents heating problems down the line.

Preseason Checks Improve Air Quality

Chances are, you didn’t get maintenance for your heater as soon as it started to warm up outside. As a result, your filter, heat exchange, and other heater components are all worn out after months of use followed by months of neglect. They’ve been gathering dust since about March, which means all that dust is going to circulate through your home as soon as your kick up your heater again. 

Even worse, your heat exchanger might be cracked, which would leak carbon monoxide as soon as you turn it on. 

With a preseason tune-up, you can replace your filters, make sure your thermostat is working perfectly, and fix any problems with your heat exchanger. This would prevent any carbon monoxide leakage while vastly improving your indoor air quality. Our team can even install an air purifier like the OxyQuantum LED to kill microorganisms and toxins in your home.

Preseason Checks Extends the Lifespan of Your Heater

Tune-ups for heaters are just like tune-ups for your car: they make the whole system run more efficiently. Your heating system is made of numerous parts, each of which deserve inspection every few months. If everything is working as designed, your heater will function perfectly. If one part isn’t working right, it puts pressure on the rest of your system, shortening the lifespan of the whole heating setup. When one thing goes wrong, the rest follows.

That’s why HVAC professionals recommend at least one annual tune-up every year. If you really want to maximize your heater’s life, you can do a postseason and a preseason tune-up, but a preseason tune-up at the very least is non-negotiable.

Preseason Checks Save You Money Every Month

With improved efficiency from preseason checks, you not only prevent future repairs, but you also save yourself money on energy bills! A smoothly functioning heater will heat your home more quickly with less effort, which not only wears out your heater more slowly, but also lowers your bill every month. As a result, preseason checks ultimately pay for themselves.

Don’t turn on your heater without an inspection and preseason tune-up from the team at One Hour! Our Ramsey heating service can make sure your home stays warm and cozy for less money every month.