3 Benefits of Home Humidifier Installation

3 Benefits of Home Humidifier Installation 

When the temperature drops outside, you may notice that the air inside your home becomes drier. This is entirely normal, but it can have some adverse health effects, including dry eyes, skin, and constantly irritated sinuses. One of the ways to combat these issues is with the installation of a home humidifier. We’re not just talking about a plug-in humidifier that only adds moisture to one room. We’re referring to an HVAC upgrade to incorporate a humidifier system that your whole family can enjoy.

Still not convinced? Check out the three benefits for why you need a humidifier installed in your home today.

1. Humidifiers Can Help You Avoid Colds & The Flu

Viral colds and the flu are the absolute worst. When the winter months roll in, you can almost expect to get hit with a terrible cold or the flu and contaminate others if you’re not careful. Fortunately, acceptable humidity levels in the air can lessen the spread of airborne viruses. Scientists have found that a 40% or higher humidity level decreases flu infectivity by about 14%.

This is not to say that once you have a home humidifier you can throw away your cold and flu medicine. However, higher humidity allows viruses to attach to water vapor and fall out of the air instead of attaching themselves directly to you.

2. Humidifiers Can Help with Dry Skin

Another health benefit of having a home humidifier installed is the reduction in dry skin. Drier air tends to cause skin to dry out, leading to uncomfortable cracks that may split and bleed. And don’t think that bottle of extra-strength moisturizer is going to be a long-term fix. Store-bought lotions aren’t always enough to completely and fully rehydrate your skin.

A humidifier can help create acceptable levels of moisture in the air that your skin can absorb. Leading organizations such as The National Eczema Association say that damaged skin coupled with varying humidity levels can exacerbate skin conditions. Regulating the humidity in your home is a surefire way to help individuals living with skin issues retain moisture, reduce irritation, and promote healthier skin overall.

3. Humidifiers Can Help with Scalp Health

Similar to the rest of your skin, scalp irritation and dryness are expected when the air lacks moisture. Many people are prone to a dryer scalp by nature, causing itching and dandruff. Unfortunately, your hair may be affected further by dry air. Since hair is made of collagen, it needs a specific amount of moisture to thrive and remain healthy. Hair that is dry and brittle has a lot of breakage, which can cause split ends and the appearance of unhealthiness. A humidifier pumping continuous moisture into the air can positively impact the health of your hair and scalp.

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