Here’s How to Sneeze Less This Allergy Season

This is the season, the season you stop suffering and take allergies seriously. Year after year, you’ve vowed to combat pollen so that you can finally breathe easy, but life keeps getting in the way. Well, spring is here, and pollen is about to rear its ugly, yellow head again, so follow these tips to banish allergens once and for all.

3 Effective Ways to Combat Allergies This Spring

Have Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, they’re likely filthy. Before relying heavily on your air conditioning system this season, have your ducts inspected because they might be loaded with dust, dust mites, mold and other things that make you go “ACHOO!”

During peak cooling season, your central air system moves more than 1 million cubic feet of air a day to get you comfortably through a muggy Minneapolis summer. That air can carry dust, pollen and other allergy triggers through your HVAC system where they’ll cling to the interior of your ducts. They’ll accumulate over time. Eventually, your air will move through a dirty chamber, reintroducing those particles into your living space. That’s why the National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years.

Upgrade Your Air Filter

The filter in your central air system is your first line of defense against pollen and allergens. Your humble air filter is likely made of pleated fabric or spun fiberglass. Depending on its MERV rating (that’s the minimum efficiency reporting value), it can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns – things such as bacteria and tobacco smoke.

The problem with most filters is that they don’t have a strong hold of the particles. Dust and bits can become loose and flow through your ducts, back into your home. That’s why we install the MicroPower Guard air cleaner. It operates like a disposable filter with one key difference: It polarizes particles so that they stick to the pad via electrostatic attraction. This allows for greater filtration and improved airflow.

Kill Germs with UV Light

Hospitals and medical facilities do it. Why shouldn’t you?

An air purifier equipped with UV works in conjunction with your central air system to eradicate germs, viruses, and bacteria to make hospital-grade air quality in your home. Our OxyQuantum LED UV Germicidal Air Purifier utilizes twin lamps that extend into your ductwork to eradicate germs, bacteria, viruses, plus toxic gases and odors, ensuring you’re breathing nothing but pure H20.

Bottom line: By being vigilant against pollen this allergy season, you’ll dramatically reduce symptoms and improve your comfort. Our indoor air quality specialists at Northern’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® can give you peace of mind that nothing is compromising the air you breathe.

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