How to Avoid Headaches Related to Air Conditioning

Does air conditioning cause headaches? Unfortunately, for some people, the answer is yes. AC is a necessity during the summer in many parts of the country, but too many homeowners and office workers pay the price. Read on for some reasons why air conditioning could be causing your headaches and ideas on how to solve the problem.

Dehydration, Noise, and Chemicals

There are a variety of reasons why air conditioning could cause headaches and contribute to your discomfort:

  • Dehydration: While the air conditioner is cooling off the air, it can also draw all the humidity out of it. This is great up to a point, but if the air gets too dry and you don't consume enough water, you can end up with a dehydration headache. Combat this effect by running a humidifier in conjunction with the AC and making sure that you drink plenty of water during the day.
  • Blood Vessel Contraction: When you get too cold, the blood vessels in your brain can contract, which is one potential cause of a headache. Try turning the temperature up a few notches and see if that helps soothe your symptoms.
  • Excessive Noise: If the air conditioning unit is too loud, or if it happens to make sounds on a frequency that bothers you, your head will pay the price. If you think the air conditioner compressor noise is the source of your problem, you might be able to adjust the unit, or you may need a new model altogether.
  • Chemicals and Allergens: Your AC unit could be circulating more than just cold air. If you have a forced-air system and the vents aren't clean, the unit could be sending dust, pollen and other allergens all over your home. Furthermore, if you use harsh cleaning chemicals in your home or office, and don't have adequate ventilation, the air conditioner will just blow the toxic irritants into your airspace again and again. You can address the problem by giving your HVAC system a thorough cleaning and making sure that your indoor space is properly vented.

Doctors and HVAC Technicians to the Rescue

For migraines or serious reoccurring headaches, you should consult a physician. If the problem is mild enough to address on your own, the best remedy depends on which factor or combination of factors is causing your headaches. If you’re convinced that the air conditioner is the cause of your headaches, have a technician come to conduct maintenance, cleaning and repairs and see if that helps. Contact your local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® who are always available to help!