A variable-speed air conditioner has an indoor air handler that can run at different speeds to match your Denham Springs, Louisiana, home’s cooling needs. It’s more efficient than a traditional HVAC system because it doesn’t need to work at full speed. It can increase the value of your house as well. With a variable-speed air conditioner, you can enjoy energy savings, a more comfortable home, and better indoor air quality.

Energy Savings

Instead of turning on and off repeatedly, a variable-speed system regulates your home’s temperature by staying on at a low setting most of the time. This lowers your utility bills and reduces wear and tear on the system. Variable-speed air conditioners can be a little more expensive than single-speed systems, but you can get your investment back over time through energy savings.

A More Comfortable Home

Variable-speed HVAC systems adjust automatically and keep the temperature and humidity inside your home almost constant, preventing you from feeling hot and stuffy because of high humidity. Many models can even make changes based on outdoor conditions.

In contrast, standard air conditioners shut off when the indoor air temperature matches the setting on your thermostat. They don’t come on again until the temperature rises, so you and your family members may start to feel warm before the air conditioner kicks in if you have a traditional system. Since a variable-speed system’s fan often stays on at a low speed, you won’t be disturbed by your air conditioner starting or stopping, and you won’t hear as much noise from air moving through your ductwork.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The fan in a variable-speed system works almost constantly, improving your indoor air quality by increasing airflow and letting your HVAC system’s air filter catch more dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants.

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