With the temperature beginning to cool down, you may have already started to use your furnace in your Gonzales, Louisiana, home. Before it gets too cold, it’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance visit for your heating system to keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently through the winter. Know why fall maintenance is important and what you can expect during a visit.

Avoid a Breakdown

During a fall maintenance visit, our HVAC team will test the b-vent assembly, test the flame sensor, check the heat exchanger, and test the gas pressure. This inspection of your furnace will help us detect any issues with the system that may need to be repaired. You’ll be glad you opted for a routine inspection, and an off-season furnace repair if necessary, than an expensive system breakdown during the coldest time of the year.

Improve Air Quality

The fall is a great time to change out your air filter, especially if your furnace and air conditioner use the same air-handler. A full air filter means that it won’t be able to catch the dirty air particles that pass through the system, allowing more dust and debris to circulate through your home. Replacing the filter in the fall will help keep your indoor air quality clean and healthy for your family.

Save on Energy Costs

A benefit to regular HVAC maintenance is reduced energy consumption. Conducting a fall furnace inspection will ensure that your furnace is working smoothly and efficiently. If you also change out the air filter, you will improve airflow and your system’s efficiency. A dirty air filter will make your heating system work harder to push the heated air throughout the home, making the system use more energy and work less efficiently to reach your desired indoor temperature.

Keep your furnace running smoothly throughout the winter by conducting maintenance this fall. Call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Baton Rouge today at (225) 320-4162 to schedule a fall maintenance visit.