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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Ductwork

Noisy HVAC Unit

Is your HVAC making odd sounds? It may be your ducts and not your actual heating and cooling system. Built-up air pressure can cause your air ducts to rumble, making strange sounds. We can check to ensure connections and seals are secure.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Closed vents causing restricted airflow and leaks in air ducts can result in inconsistent room temperatures. Improper ductwork installation can be the main culprit, but our professional technicians can assist with that.

Pest Problems

When air duct installation isn’t done correctly, pests can make a comfy home in your air ducts via cracks or leaks. You need a dedicated HVAC company ready to install ductwork adequately to keep pests and insects from entering your ducts.

Debris in Vents

Dirt, dust, and other debris can result from a lack of maintenance and insufficient ductwork installation. Let One Hour support you with comprehensive HVAC solutions.

Increase in Allergies

Having your air ducts cleaned professionally is a simple way to mitigate dust circulation throughout your ductwork. However, if these respiratory issues become worse, you may need to have your air ducts and HVAC replaced.

Ducts Are Damaged or Tangled

Dents and dings in your air ducts can be unsightly, but they can also cause leaks that lead to a host of different issues that affect the temperature of your home. Similarly, tangled ducts are a sign of poor ductwork installation and should be assessed immediately.

Inexplicable Cost Increase in Energy Bills

When your energy bills increase, the first place you should look is your HVAC system and air ducts. If they’re not working together, you’ll experience a temperature imbalance, higher energy bills, and more.

Old Ductwork

Ductwork that hasn’t been replaced in over 15 years could cause poor indoor air quality, allergy- and cold-like symptoms, and an inefficiently operating HVAC unit.

Schedule your duct installation or ask about our AC and heating repair, installation, and maintenance services by calling (225) 320-4162 today. 

Can You Install HVAC Ductwork Yourself?

Air duct installation is a complex process that involves understanding the relationship between your heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Because ducts run throughout your entire home, an issue with installation can cause your HVAC unit to operate inefficiently, damaging this vital system. Your ductwork should also be insulated and balanced to ensure longevity.

We recommend trusting our heating and cooling company with the task of installing, balancing, and insulating your air ducts. As highly trained and licensed specialists, we have the experience to detect problems and tell you when your air ducts need to be replaced.

Common Ductwork Installation Mistakes

When it comes to ductwork installation, mistakes can mean your family’s comfort, health, and safety are compromised. Believe it or not, one of the most expensive HVAC issues that industry leaders run into is malfunctioning ductwork because if there’s an issue with that specific component, your entire heating and cooling system can suffer greatly.

Some of the most common installation mistakes include:

  • Poor Planning – Your ductwork should transport air from point A to point B with the least amount of distance. When ductwork is poorly designed, your energy bill can skyrocket.
  • Forcing Air Ducts Through a Tight Space – When air ducts are forced through tight spaces, airflow can be greatly restricted and may even cause tearing and leaks.
  • Poor Sealing – HVAC system performance can be significantly hampered, and energy bills can increase when air ducts have improper sealing.
  • Poor Placement – Bends or elbows in ductwork are necessary. However, when improperly placed, like over fans, they can reduce the efficiency of your entire system.
  • Incorrect Sizing – Ductwork that’s too small or large for your specific HVAC system can create numerous problems with temperature control in your home and cause catastrophic damage to your heating and cooling unit.
  • Improper Amount of Return Vents – If too few vents are added during ductwork installation, it can reduce operational efficiency and your home’s comfort.

How Much Does it Cost to Install New Ductwork?

The design and layout of your home play a significant role in the price of installation services. Air duct installation can be priced anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of ductwork installed. The average cost of installing ductwork can be between $0.30 and$2.50 per square foot. The average home usually requires over 100 linear feet of ductwork per 1,000 square feet.

When calculating the cost of your duct installation, our technicians consider placement, the number of vents, ductwork material, the amount of temperature-control zones, and labor. We will provide this information in a detailed, itemized estimate so that you can plan financially for your air duct replacement or new installation.

Types of Air Ducts

Virtually every home and commercial space has an intricate system of ductwork that circulates hot and cold air through your space. The most popular types of air ducts include sheet metal, flex, and fiberboard ducts. A professional HVAC company like One Hour can help you find the duct system that is right for the size and efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Sheet Metal Duct

Many commercial spaces have sheet metal ducts, usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum. These are the kinds of ducts you see in action movies, where the hero is strategizing how to catch the enemy by surprise. While we don’t recommend crawling through these yourself, they are sturdy yet lightweight and easy to install.

Fiberboard Duct

Some people prefer fiberboard ducts because they are moisture-resistant, so the chances of humidity allowing mold to grow are low. These ducts are made of compressed fiberglass strands bonded with resin and wrapped with a foil laminate sheet for moisture protection.

Flex Duct

While sheet metal and fiberboard ducts are rigid types of ductwork, flex ducts are tube-shaped, insulated, and bendable. They’re ideal for oddly shaped or tricky spaces and can be attached to rigid ductwork connected to an air supply.

Things We Consider When Installing Your Air Ducts

Our air duct installation process is comprehensive and designed to ensure everything is placed, connected, and sealed for quality results.

Distance from Outlet to Unit

Before we start installing anything, there has to be enough distance between the HVAC unit and the outlet it’s connected to. A unit must have at least a 25-foot clearance for safe installation.

Sharp Turns

Having sharp turns or tight bends in air ducts can create turbulence that restricts airflow. We always consider your home’s layout before we begin installing your ductwork.

Adequate Insulation

Properly insulating your HVAC ductwork is one of the most ideal ways to preserve the operational longevity of your air ducts and reduce energy loss. Without adequate insulation, heat can leak into unheated areas, resulting in hundreds of dollars added to your energy bill annually.

Proper Return Placement

Ductwork installation takes a lot of planning to place return vents appropriately to heat and cool your home efficiently. We usually place returns under stairs, in hallways, and open areas of your home, so they can pull in enough air to transport back to your HVAC unit.

Proper Sealing

Sealing your ductwork is essential to long-term function, as leaks can make your HVAC system work harder to compensate for improper sealing. Our team ensures your ductwork is properly sealed before we finish the job so that your comfort doesn’t suffer in the future.

Air Duct Experts You Can Trust

If you’ve been searching for an AC and heating company that you can rely on, look no further than One Hour! We’re the experienced experts ready to tackle almost any issue having to do with your heating and cooling system. We offer AC and heating repair, installation, and maintenance services that keep your system operating efficiently and your family comfortable.

We Are Industry-Trained and Reliable Air Duct Specialists

Our industry-trained technicians are here day and night to help you resolve the most complex HVAC issues and tedious air duct installations. While our team is exceptionally experienced in this field, learning never ceases. We continue to stay updated on best practices and techniques to deliver your desired results.

We Offer Same-Day Air Duct Installation Services

Do you need air ducts installed in a commercial rental property or your primary residence? Our technicians can provide same-day duct installation when our schedule can accommodate it. We’ll keep you informed if your service can’t be completed the same day you contact us for support. We’ll also provide a timeline for completion so that you can plan accordingly.

We Provide Guaranteed Satisfaction

We can guarantee our workmanship and your satisfaction because we work with integrity and a customer-focused mindset. You will always get superior-quality solutions and seasoned technicians committed to leaving you completely satisfied.

We’re HVAC Professionals Offering Exceptional Ductwork Services

Robust ductwork services round out the exceptional assistance we offer every single customer who contacts our team for help.

In addition to duct installation, we also provide the following air duct services:

  • Duct Cleaning – Keeping your air ducts clean is a vital part of both the long-term and efficient operation of your heating and cooling system and ductwork.
  • Duct Repair – Whether you need your ducts to be resealed or portions of it replaced, our team provides detailed repair services that preserve the well-being and comfort of your loved ones.

Our HVAC Experts Are Ready to Install Your New Air Ducts Today!

Air duct installation is more essential to your central heating and cooling system than just circulating air throughout your home. Improper installation can mean higher bills, poor indoor air quality, an inefficient HVAC unit, and overall discomfort in your home. Allow our team to research, recommend, and install the appropriate ductwork that works best for you.*

*Check with your local franchise; services may vary by location.

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