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Furnace Maintenance in Montgomery & Bucks County, PA

Annual Furnace Tune-Ups

When your furnace is running smoothly, you’ll notice how warm and cozy your home is all winter. But if problems develop, your furnace becomes a nuisance, leaving you with an uncomfortable home temperature or sky-high heating bills. However, regular furnace maintenance in Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, Langhorne, Levittown, Newtown, Glenside, Elkins Park, Churchville, Richboro, Villanova, and Yardley areas can help prevent you and your family from freezing throughout the winter. One Hour performs boiler installation and heat pump services as well.

If you think that you won’t need a furnace tune-up for several more years in Bucks County, PA, Montgomery County, and Langhorne, think again. Even if your furnace is only a year old, there is the potential for developed problems to show themselves when least expected. Furnace issues can start out as a minor nuisance, and develop into larger more expensive problems. Seemingly minor issues like rattling, insufficient heating throughout the house, frequent on/off cycling and inefficient operation may appear negligible, but could cause sudden disasters or massive expenses later on and eventually lead to a furnace tune-up, or even worse, a brand new furnace installation.

Most furnace problems have the tendency to show up on the coldest nights of the year, exactly when you need your furnace to function at full capacity. These have the potential to be life-threatening, as in the case of serious furnace issues like carbon monoxide leaks, fires and smoke. Without a regularly scheduled furnace inspection in Newtown, Yardley, and Levittown, your home is at risk of falling victim to these furnace-related problems. The fact that both minor and severe problems can be easily averted with a yearly furnace maintenance and tune-up is reason enough to schedule one with us.

Our technicians are available throughout the year for furnace installation, furnace maintenance, and heater installation in Glenside, Elkins Park, Churchville, Richboro, and Villanova, but we recommend that you schedule a furnace inspection sometime towards the end of summer or beginning of fall. This gives you plenty of time to get your furnace in optimal shape before cold weather sets in. Our furnace maintenance technicians will examine your heating system, diagnose any existing issues and repair all of them on-site. These repairs may include changing air filters, fixing ignition controls, ensuring your pilot is lit, mending mechanical wear and tear and solving gas feed and valve issues.

Signs You Need a Furnace Maintenance

  • No Heat – The most obvious sign you need a tune-up is your house being uncomfortably cold. If you notice no hot air flowing through your ductwork, you need to call for a furnace tune-up. One Hour will send a technician to your home to inspect your furnace. The technician will be able to make any repairs if needed.
  • Furnace Smells – It is normal for a gas or oil furnace to give off a faint burnt fuel smell. But, if the smell starts to become overwhelming in other rooms throughout the house, chances are you need a furnace tune-up.
  • Loud Banging Noise – Like almost every single appliance in the world, your appliance is going to make noise while it is running. But, if you notice a louder banging noise, there’s a solid chance something is wrong it. The same is true for a furnace. However, furnaces don’t operate silently; a furnace is going to make noise while it’s running smoothly. But if the noise starts to get louder, give One Hour a call.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector – Another sign you need a furnace tune-up is that your carbon monoxide detector goes off. Every home needs to be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. (26 states require every household to be installed with a carbon monoxide detector.) Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that if inhaled too much, can be fatal. Carbon monoxide is formed when the oxygen supply is limited, something that can happen due to your furnace not burning off the fuel completely.
  • Raising The Thermostat Doesn’t Work – If changing the temperature on the thermostat does not change the temperature at all, there’s a great chance that there is something wrong with your furnace.
  • Your Pilot Light Is Yellow Or Orange – Your furnace comes programmed with a way of signaling there is something wrong with it when it is broken. When operating correctly, your furnace’s pilot light burns blue. If you notice the pilot light is yellow or orange, your furnace is in need of an inspection, and possibly needs a tune-up.

In the event that you need a new furnace, One Hour can help you find the right one. Call us for a free estimate on the installation of a new furnace, and we’ll determine the correct size as well as the best type (electrical, oil or gas) of furnace for you. One Hour also provides heater repair and heating service. One Hour makes sure to take into account what would be the most cost-effective, and energy-efficient for your household’s heating needs and budget.

As with all of our work, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our technicians, parts and services, as well as a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. While your new furnace is being installed, don’t forget to talk to your technician about setting up a furnace maintenance agreement in Bucks County, PA, to keep your furnace running smoothly.

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