Do Clean Ducts Improve Performance?

Will Cleaning Air Ducts Improve Performance? What Duct Cleaning Does and Doesn’t Do

Duct cleaning can do a lot of things. It can remove airflow blockages or the source of the musty smell coming from your vents. Cleaner ducts reduce the likelihood of distributing dust and other debris around your home. A thorough cleaning gives you peace of mind, knowing there’s nothing growing (or living) in your vents. Those with allergies or asthma may benefit from regular cleanings, and professionals inspect your ducts for other issues as they clean them. A professional cleaning can also clear your home of renovation dust or the leftovers from a heavy pollen season.

But can a cleaning make your HVAC run more efficiently?

While it does have many benefits, the US Environmental Protection Agency states that there isn’t any evidence to show that cleaning your vents and ducts improves performance. That doesn’t mean you should skip this item on your “to schedule” list, though!

Here’s our guide to what cleaning your ducts can do for you and when to schedule a visit from the pros.

The Effects of Dirty HVAC Ducts on Your System

On any given day, there will be a little dust and grime in your HVAC ducts. For the most part, it doesn’t affect your indoor air quality or how well your system functions.

However, if left to accumulate for years and years, a large dust blockage may also become a fire hazard when the heat turns on for the Cincinnati winter. You may even have mold, soot, or animal waste in the ducts, which you certainly don’t want blowing throughout your home.

Does Air Duct Cleaning Reduce Dust?

Yes, air duct cleaning reduces the dust in your ducts, which reduces some of the dust that blows into your home. Most lightweight debris becomes affixed to the vent walls, but some may come loose and blow into your home. If dust is allowed to build up over time, it’s increasingly likely to come out of the vents. With squeaky clean vent walls, you won’t have to worry about excess dust ruining your cleaning efforts for a while.

Will Duct Cleaning Improve the Airflow?

If your ducts have a debris buildup blocking air, duct cleaning will eliminate it and restore airflow. In most cases, duct cleaning is more likely to prevent a future airflow problem by preventing accumulation. Your technician will also inspect the ducts as they clean, looking for sections that need repair or sealing. Finding and fixing leaks improves your airflow and efficiency.

When to Clean Your Air Vents

In general, you should schedule professional duct cleaning once every 3-5 years. It’s also time for cleaning when you notice these signs of dirty air ducts:

  • Dust coming out of your air vents. Your air vents shouldn’t spew visible dust into the room as your HVAC runs. If you notice excess dust, check if your air filter needs replacement before scheduling duct cleaning.

  • Visible mold or a musty smell from the vents. If your vents produce a musty smell, it could mean you have a mold infestation you can’t see, meaning your HVAC could be blowing mold spores throughout your home. Schedule a cleaning as soon as possible to prevent further spread.

  • Animal waste in the vents. If you notice dead insects or animal droppings in your vents, it’s time to get them cleaned. You could have an insect or rodent infestation in your ducts. A duct-cleaning technician can find the source and recommend a Cincinnati exterminator if you need one.

  • Sudden allergies or asthma attacks at home. Did allergies or frequent asthma symptoms not use to be an issue for you at home? A professional could remove potential irritants from your ducts. You may also want to consider changing your air filter more frequently or installing vent filters for capturing dust.


Can You Clean Your Own Air Ducts?

You should always leave vent cleaning to the professionals. We have the tools and expertise to thoroughly clean your entire ductwork system, even in hard-to-reach areas of your home. DIY cleaning can also damage your ducts, requiring repairs that will likely cost more than professional cleaning.

Contact Your Cincinnati HVAC Experts for Professional Duct Cleaning

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