Duct Sealing in Cincinnati

Fix Leaks in Your Airducts & Vents with Aeroseal

More than 25% of your AC's cold air or heater's warm air is lost due to small leaks caused by gaps or separations in the air ducts. This means that your system must work harder to produce the same temperature and comfort while you must deal with uncomfortable indoor temperatures and high energy bills.

If you suspect leakage in your home’s ductwork, turn to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Cincinnati for help! We're experts in providing Cincinnati duct sealing services and certified to get the job done with Aeroseal, a patented aerosol-based delivery system that quickly seals up all the leaks throughout your ducts, so you can start enjoying your HVAC system again in no time!

What is Aeroseal?

With Aeroseal technology, your air ducts will be coated with a water-based formula that seals any leaks from the inside out. The formula is certified to be safe for your family and pets, has a long lifespan, and won't limit airflow in any way.

Some benefits of sealing your HVAC leaks with Aeroseal include:

  • Evenly cooling or heating of your home
  • Balanced temperatures between rooms
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Noticeable energy savings
  • Better humidity control

It also eliminates the need to locate all the leaks and manually seal them with a temporary solution. It does not require tearing out walls or insulation removal to work. Instead, Aeroseal provides a permanent solution that is fast, effective, and efficient.

The Aeroseal Duct Sealing Process

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Cincinnati makes the entire Aeroseal process as simple and efficient as can be with a few simple steps:

  1. Inspection – Our team will listen to your concerns, inspect your system, and ensure that duct sealing is the best solution for you and your home.
  2. Schedule Service – We'll schedule your Aeroseal date whenever it's convenient for you. The Aeroseal process only takes one or two hours to complete.
  3. Pressurize System – Using tape and foam, we will block the openings throughout your ductwork to pressurize your system to measure leakage and prep for sealing.
  4. Make Hole – We will make a small hole in your ductwork to introduce the sealant.
  5. Duct Leak Sealing – Aeroseal’s solution is \ released into your ductwork to locate and seal any leaks. Polymer particles build upon the leak and each other to leave a proper seal.
  6. Test – Before we leave, we'll show you our test results to prove that your leaks have been sealed.

Once your air ducts are sealed using this method, you can expect an immediate improvement in indoor air quality and energy efficiency!

Reach Out to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Cincinnati for Long-Lasting Duct Sealing Solutions

Aeroseal is a revolutionary way to seal any duct leaks in your home and improve your HVAC system. We're proud to be trusted providers of a technology that has sealed thousands of leaks in other homeowners’ ductwork in Cincinnati and beyond!

While we're experts in ductwork sealing, we're also trusted providers of other heater and AC repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your home!

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