How Are Air Ducts Cleaned? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

You’re a homeowner in the Denver area looking into getting your ducts cleaned, but what does that actually mean? Read on to get a peek behind the curtain into what air duct cleaning in Denver entails, so you can be prepared when you schedule a cleaning.

Here’s what you need to know when you schedule a cleaning with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Denver.

What Happens During Duct Cleaning?

When you schedule a professional cleaning, our expert service providers will arrive promptly to clear dust, allergens, animal droppings, and other gunk from your vents. We use professional air duct cleaning products and tools to rid your vents of the debris that lowers your indoor air quality and decreases the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Our technicians use their professional knowledge to clean your ductwork without damaging it—something that can easily happen during DIY cleanings.

We clean all the systems in your HVAC, including but not limited to:

  • Supply and return air ducts
  • Vent covers
  • Heat exchanges and cooling coils
  • AC condensate drain pans/drip pans
  • Fan motors and housing

How Are Air Ducts Cleaned Professionally?

Our technicians follow our tried and tested procedure for duct cleaning. When they arrive, they will:

  1. Inspect for dust visually. This helps us determine how much debris is in the ducts before and after cleaning and lets us inspect for damage to your ducts before we start.

  2. Vacuum large dust and debris. Our HEPA-filtered vacuums remove dust without redistributing it into the air. We vacuum by attaching a suction hose to a duct close to the air handler and tightly sealing it in place. We make your vent covers airtight and use negative pressure, electric brushes, and suction to remove dust.

  3. Flush with compressed air. One-by-one, we uncover each register to clean your ductwork in sections. Using rotating brushes, compressed air, and high-powered vacuums, we dislodge and remove grime from the duct walls.

  4. Clean HVAC components. We don’t just clean your ducts! We also care for your air handler, filters, registers, drain pans, blower motor, vents, and coils. We can even remove soot gathered in your system from wildfires burning near Denver.

At this step, we sanitize your ducts and HVAC parts. Our eco-friendly disinfectant removes mold and bacteria growth from all compatible surfaces, creating a healthier environment in your ducts.

  1. Cleanup. We uncover all your registers to ensure proper airflow and replace all parts opened or removed for cleaning. We also seal the access hole we cut for our vacuum hose.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Do for Your HVAC System?

Regular duct cleaning every three to five years reduces strain on your HVAC system. Allowing heavy dust buildup reduces the efficiency of your HVAC, straining the system as it runs. It may wear out faster or use more energy to heat and cool your Denver home.

Clean ducts also help improve your indoor air quality, ensuring that your HVAC doesn’t pump air into your home through vents covered in an excess of dust, mites, allergens, bacteria, and other irritants. Regular cleanings also reduce the likelihood of bad odors from your vents by removing potential sources.

How Long Does Air Duct Cleaning Take?

Air duct cleaning time depends on the size and complexity of your duct system. The HVAC in a standard, single-family home usually takes two to four hours to completely clean. The project may take longer if your home is large, our technicians encounter a problem like mold, or your ductwork is difficult to access.

How Should I Prepare for My Duct Cleaning?

Want your appointment to run as smoothly as possible? Before our service providers arrive at your home, make sure there’s a clear path to your central HVAC system and your vents. You may need to move furniture from below or overtop registers. It also helps to keep pets and small children away from the work site, to avoid any interruptions.

Schedule Your Duct Cleaning with Denver HVAC Pros

When you’re ready to schedule a professional cleaning, we’ll clean your ducts without a hitch. Your freshly clean ducts will promote dust-free air and easy airflow, so you can enjoy your time indoors. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Denver will send expert technicians to ensure everything is done right. Call us at (303) 622-3401 or book online.