Sometimes it feels like summer could drag on forever. With 90-plus degree days the norm in many parts of the country, a well-functioning air conditioning system is a must. Unfortunately, large electricity bills often go hand-in-hand with hardworking AC units. One novel strategy to beat the heat while keeping expenses under control is to add a device to your air conditioning system that mists the air before it is cooled, which some companies claim can reduce your AC-related energy bills by up to 30 percent. Read on to learn more about these gadgets and how they can help you save.

Flash Evaporation for the Win

Large commercial buildings have long used misters to reduce their cooling costs. Now, several devices have been introduced to the consumer market to provide the same benefits to residential homeowners. Options like the Mistbox and the Cool-n-Save work in a similar fashion – they send out a fine mist around your condenser when the air conditioning system is running, which can drop the air temperature in the immediate vicinity by as much as 30 degrees through the process of flash evaporation.

This process allows the air conditioning system to transfer hot air out of a home much more efficiently. This means the unit doesn't have to work as hard or run as long, giving you a double whammy when it comes to energy savings.

Smart Technology and Federal Tax Credits

The more advanced models like the Mistbox come equipped with smart technology that can automatically adjust the misting settings depending on the weather conditions, allow smart phone controls and provide energy savings reports. Simpler designs like the Cool-n-Save don't have the advanced features, but also don't require any electricity to run (the Mistbox uses solar energy to power its electronics).

These gadgets don't come cheap, ranging from between $150 and $450, depending on what model you buy. However, some air conditioning system misters are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit for green technology, which brings down the sticker price considerably. The real savings come after the technology is installed, however – for just a few cents worth of water each day to create a mist, you can watch your cooling bills fall dramatically. Depending on the weather conditions where you live and the other efficiency measures you take, you could end up recouping your investment in a single summer.

Let the Experts Keep You Cool

If you are interested in installing a misting device for your air conditioning system, or want other tips about reducing your summer cooling bills, contact a local HVAC expert today.