Temperature Wars: Is 72 A Good Temperature for Air Conditioning?

The best temperature for air conditioning is a matter of fierce debate within a household, but experts have narrowed it down to a particular range. Between 72 and 78 degrees is often just right to stay comfortable, keep your energy expenses reasonable, and manage humidity, too.

What Temperature is Too Cold for a House AC?

Most experts maintain that running your AC below 70 degrees can cause issues with your unit, including the risk of freezing the evaporator coil. It’s worth noting this low setting would also quickly run up your energy bill.

Smart Ways to Stay Cool During the Summer

There are a handful of ways to stay cool this summer—using and not using your AC!

Install a Programmable Thermostat 

A programmable thermostat is an affordable investment in energy efficiency and provides energy savings as well. Set the AC to run at a higher temperature when the family is away and turn to a lower temperature when they return. This is an effective way to manage temperature and humidity effortlessly.

Use A Fan the Smart Way

Even with air conditioning, fans can still be useful to control temperatures in different parts of the home. Consider using a fan to blow cooler air from your basement or a lower level of the home upstairs. It can also be helpful to blow warm air to other parts of the home to improve circulation. However, using a fan within a single room might cool people down slightly, but is simply recycling the same hot air.

Get Rid of the Humidity

Remember that air conditioning units also work to regulate indoor humidity and circulate air throughout a home. Using your AC regularly can ensure lower humidity compared to outdoors, and it is often that moist and sticky feeling that really makes us uncomfortable.

Don’t Adjust the Thermostat Too Often

It can be tempting to knock a few degrees off the thermostat while performing strenuous household chores or after walking in from the heat. Don’t adjust the temperature to cool down faster. Instead, try washing your face and neck with cold water and waiting it out. You will cool down soon enough and without adding strain to your AC unit.

Regularly Maintain Your AC

A well-maintained air conditioning unit runs efficiently. For air conditioning repair and maintenance, or to learn about installing a programmable thermostat, request an appointment with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.