The sizzling summer drags on, and your furnace is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But this is actually the perfect time to schedule your annual furnace tune-up. There are procrastinators every year, and if you’re among them, you might find yourself having to fire up the furnace before it’s been primed for the season.

For the sake of your safety, your energy bills and your furnace itself, it’s important to complete this service before the heating season arrives.

Here are eight reasons why:

  • Early intervention. A furnace tune-up includes a thorough inspection designed to catch small problems before they can evolve into big ones. With small, cheap repairs each season, you may be able to avoid major breakdowns altogether and receive invaluable advance warning when your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Safety. Some furnace malfunctions result in much worse than mere discomfort. A cracked heat exchanger, for example, may leak deadly carbon monoxide gas into a home. Early detection and prompt repairs are essential in these cases, and there’s no better time to catch them than during your pre-heating season tune-up.
  • Keeping it clean. Furnaces collect dust all summer long, and if it isn’t cleaned up before you turn on the heat, the foul odor of burning dust may linger in your home for hours. A quality tune-up will include an extensive cleaning, as well as lubrication of all moving parts.
  • Maintain pressure. Low HVAC air pressure means your furnace isn’t heating your home as well as it should. Technicians use sophisticated tools to measure the pressure produced by your system and trace pressure problems back to their source. 
  • Longer furnace life. Annual tune-ups can add years to the lifespan of your furnace. The average furnace will need replacement after about 15 years, but if you take excellent care of yours, it may stick with you for more than 20.
  • Energy efficiency. Most of the steps involved in a furnace tune-up contribute in some material way to its overall efficiency, sometimes significantly, saving you money all heating season long.
  • Warranty maintenance. If you have a relatively new furnace that is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, there’s a good chance that warranty is contingent upon prompt, professional maintenance. Schedule those tune-ups every year to make sure you’re covered if something goes seriously wrong.
  • Performance reports. A quality furnace tune-up concludes with a detailed, written report that explains what steps were taken and records the results of key performance tests. These reports will not only help you track your furnace performance over time, they’ll let you show prospective buyers that you’ve taken excellent care of your equipment if you ever decide to sell your home.

With so many reasons to take care of your furnace, there’s no excuse for procrastination. You need a furnace company that can provide world-class service for your HVAC system. Be proactive and reach out to your local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule this essential service.