Did you recently complete the HVAC IQ quiz and are yearning to learn more? You've come to the right place! Below we share the answers to each question on the quiz as well as a bit of additional information for each. 

Whether you are here to brush up on your HVAC trivia skill-set, or you're just a lifelong learner, we have you covered. 

(WARNING: If you have not yet taken the aforementioned HVAC IQ quiz, there are spoilers below. We suggest taking the quiz first and then coming here to learn more about the answers afterward.)

1. Which ancient civilization used water-soaked reeds hung on window sills to cool the air around them? 

A: Egyptian

People have always looked for ways to cool down during the hottest summer months. Ancient Egyptians used water-soaked reeds hung across their window sills so that when air blew through, it would evaporate the water and cool down the air of the room. Ancient Romans used water running through aqueducts within their walls to heat their homes. 

2. What does PSI stand for? 

A: Pounds per square inch

PSI measures the pounds of force per square inch. 

3. The energy used to power air conditioners in America is equal to the amount of energy this entire continent uses each year: 

A: Africa

In America, the energy we use solely to power our air conditioning units during warmer months is equal to the amount of energy the entire continent of Africa uses in an entire year. 

4. True or False: Ceiling fans cool the temperature of a room?

A: False

While a fan can help you feel like the room is cooler, it is actually not lowering the temperature of the room. Remember, fans cool people not rooms, so in order to save energy, turn off fans when a room is unoccupied. 

5. Who invented the modern air conditioner? 

A: Willis Carrier

Willis Carrier is best known for inventing the modern electric air conditioner in 1902. In 1915, he founded the Carrier Corporation, which specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Carrier is still in business today as a leader in the HVAC industry.

6. Which of these were among the first public places to embrace air conditioning? 

A: Movie theaters

During the hot summer months, modern movie theaters began installing air conditioning systems to entice people to come and watch movies. This is where the term "summer blockbuster" stems from. 

We hope you enjoyed testing your HVAC knowledge! 

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