There is ample opportunity in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry for people who are tech-savvy, analytical problem solvers. The HVAC field continues to grow, with more skilled technician opportunities becoming available daily, making this a lucrative time to enter the profession.

Whether you are looking for a skilled labor job right out of high school or are looking for an opportune career change, read more to see if becoming an HVAC technician is the right path for you.

Becoming an HVAC Technician

The best place to start your journey to becoming an HVAC technician is with training. There are generally two routes to gain the specialized knowledge you will need to become a certified HVAC technician: classroom training or apprenticeship training.

There are many establishments that offer HVAC training programs, from technical colleges to trade schools that offer accredited programs. These programs can range from six months to two years and often offer financial assistance, mentoring, and job placement.

Additionally, numerous technicians enter the industry through apprenticeship programs. Many companies offer on-the-job training opportunities, allowing an apprentice to work with, and learn from, a licensed HVAC technician.

Regardless of the path you decide to take to train for a career in HVAC, you will need to become a licensed and accredited HVAC technician in your own right by testing for and obtaining your state license.

What does an HVAC Technician do?

At the core, an HVAC technician is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of HVAC systems, although there are a lot of additional nuances to the role. The HVAC technician is often a problem-solver, analyst, sales coordinator, counselor, and dog-petter all rolled into one.

Ideally, the HVAC technician has both the technical skills to complete the work and the soft skills to handle customers who are inherently not having a great day. Building rapport and a solid customer relationship is a valuable (and key) skill set for a technician to have in his toolbox.

How much does an HVAC Technician make?

The annual income of an HVAC technician will vary by experience level, state, and even county. However, an average hourly wage for a licensed technician, according to ZipRecruiter, ranges from $18.19 - $25.29, depending on the state you will work in.

In addition to an annual salary or hourly wage, many companies offer sales bonuses, performance pay, and continuing education opportunities.

There are many reasons to become an HVAC technician, including the growing number of industry opportunities, the ability to continue building on your skillset, and competitive pay.

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