Fun Family Activities for Hot Summer Days

If the kids (or you!) need to burn off some energy, parents can usually point them toward the backyard for a couple of hours. During the warmest summer months, what is usually a fun game of catch, or even an entire afternoon, can turn into a hot, sticky, tantrum-prone fiasco.

Keep this list of fun ways to cool off on a hot day nearby to enjoy summer safely!

Hot Day Activities: Outside and Inside Options

Some days are simply too hot to spend substantial time outdoors. We put together some of our favorite ways to cool off outside and entertain the family. Always be safe in the heat. Drink plenty of water, take plenty of breaks from play, and know the earliest signs of heatstroke in kids to get them someplace cool if they’ve overdone it.

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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

There are plenty of classic summer activities for cooling off during the summer. If your kids need more structure than going to the pool (again) or running through the sprinkler, try one of these creative backyard activities to keep them entertained.

Water Balloon Baseball 

This activity is for the boys and girls of summer! The premise is simple: replace a baseball with a water balloon. Use towels as bases and choose your teams wisely! There are a couple of ways to tweak the rules, but here is our favorite way to play:

  • You can have as many players as you’d like, but you’ll need at least a batter and a pitcher.
  • The pitcher throws a beach ball toward the batter. Three strikes and they’re out!
  • If the batter gets a hit, the pitcher has to hit them with a water balloon before they get to first. If the batter, now the baserunner, is hit by a water balloon, they’re out. The baserunner can only advance one base at a time whenever there is a hit.
  • The pitcher continues to pitch until there are three outs. Then, it’s the defensive team’s turn to bat!

Space the bases and pitcher’s mound close enough to keep it fun and challenging; the more the ball is hit into play, the more water balloons will fly.

Angry Birds with Water Balloons

Grab your sidewalk chalk and have your child draw their favorite Angry Birds or cartoon characters in the driveway. Then, fill up as many water balloons as you can and get started!

  • Stand an age-appropriate distance from your sidewalk chalk characters. Each participant, both child and adult, should have their own character to aim at.
  • Alternate turns lobbing water balloons at your characters to erase the sidewalk chalk with water!
  • Take one big step backward with each throw. After five rounds, start taking one step closer with each throw.
  • The first one to erase their sidewalk chalk character with water wins!

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Indoor Summer Activities 

Beat the heat by sticking indoors! Having a cool place to relax during the hottest summer days helps your family stay relaxed and comfortable. It’s easy to fall into a “screen trap,” but with a few fun activities, you’ll be able to get the kids to turn off the TV and put down their phones … at least for a little while!

Balloon Volleyball 

If it’s too hot for beach volleyball, bring the game inside. Here’s what you’ll need to play:

  • Two chairs
  • A string, shoelace, or piece of yarn.
  • An inflated balloon

Choose one- or two-person teams. If you have more willing participants, have them rotate in to play the winning team when the first game has ended. There are many different ways to play, but here is one set of rules to get you started.

  • Set the chairs 4 to 5 feet apart or simply use as much room as you have.
  • Tie one end of the string or shoelace to a chair. Tie the other end of the string to the other chair. Voila, your net is ready!
  • Take turns volleying back and forth. Each player must touch the balloon before volleying it back over the net.
  • If the balloon hits the ground on one team’s side, or if that team only has one player touch it before returning the volley, it counts as a point.
  • The first team to 10 wins!

Paper Airplane Disc Golf 

Play 18 holes of disc golf inside! Instead of using hard plastic discs, have the kids make their own paper airplanes. Not only can they personalize the design with different folding patterns but they can also decorate their planes with glitter, crayons, and markers!

To play, simply choose a spot to tee off and choose a landing spot. It usually works best to aim for a flat surface for planes to land on, such as the couch or a particular shelf, bed, or counter. The whole home is your course! Have each participant keep track of their score by simply writing it on their paper plane.

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