The Ultimate List of Sprinkler Games for Kids

Even the most creative parents eventually run out of fun activities for their kids. When temperatures rise and the kids need something to do, get out the hose, hook up the sprinkler, and get ready to play!

Read on for three fun games to play in the sprinkler to get your family off the couch and outside in the sun.

The 3 Best Games to Play in a Sprinkler 

  1. Fill’er Up 

This is an all-time favorite! Challenge your rug rats to fill up a bucket using their own bowl. The wrinkle? It’s on their heads!

What you’ll need to play:

  • 1 plastic bowl per child
  • 1 3-5 gallon bucket per team

Each child places the plastic bowl on their head. Place the buckets (1 per team) at the other end of the yard or an appropriate distance away for your kids’ ages.

Kids run to stay under the sprinkler trying to fill up their bowls. Then, they dump their bowl into the bucket. Kids can’t look inside their bowl to see how full it is. The first team to fill their designated bucket wins!

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  1. Red Light, Green Light, SOAKED! 

A backyard classic with a twist. Follow the rules of the original Red Light, Green Light with an extra aquatic hurdle.

What you’ll need to play:

  • All you’ll need to play is a sprinkler!

Choose one child to start as the ‘traffic cop.’ They’ll face away from the other children, who will be lined up several yards away. Position the sprinkler between the traffic cop and the kids! The goal is to get across the yard first without getting wet. Good luck!

  1. Relay Racing 

Feel the need for speed? Challenge kids to move items from one end of the yard to the other while running through the sprinkler.

What you’ll need to play:

  • Household items or toys (think sports balls, plastic toys, etc.)

Assign a pile of 5-7 toys to each kid (or team). To get the items across the yard, only one kid can carry an item at a time and only one can cross at a time. Before the next child can go, the first must drop the items at the far end of the yard and come back to tag the next kid in!

Balance out speed or age differences by using heavier items or tasking the older kids with running farther to drop off their items.

The Best Summer Fun Often Starts at Home 

While road trips and beach days are fun, there’s no place like home. The best summer lawn games for kids are often simple things like sprinkler party games and backyard campouts.

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