One of the “hottest” bathroom upgrade trends has to be the bathroom “heater” fan (get it?). These nifty devices can provide an added degree of warmth that makes hopping out of the shower on a cold day much less of a shock—but is there more to it?

Bathroom exhaust fans get a lot done in the minute or two we use them at a time. Exhaust fans remove moisture from the bathroom quickly to prevent mold and mildew growth. They’re also a handy way to clear the air of unpleasant odors.

If you’re considering a new bathroom vent fan with heat, learn why there could be a functional element in your decision-making, too.

Why Would You Need a Heated Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

A heater-fan combo can quickly warm your bathroom before or after showering and keep it cozy while you prepare for the day. Most bathroom heater fans use a small, energy-efficient infrared heat lamp that provides just enough warmth to keep a small space a few degrees warmer.

They also address high humidity levels and moisture buildup faster than using just the fan alone. This is especially useful in homes with many occupants.

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Look for an Energy-Efficient Model

Bathroom exhaust fans with heaters require slightly more electricity. It helps to look for an Energy Star bathroom heater fan to minimize your home’s energy consumption and the impact on your monthly electric bill.

Don’t Sweat HVAC-related Decisions

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