Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

More than three-quarters of Americans want to learn to live more sustainably. Perhaps you're one of them — and you've come across a smart thermostat as one of the ways you can make your home greener.

Before you take out your old system and invest in a new one, you want to make sure you're making a decision that's worth your time and money. Is a smart thermostat worth it? Here are the top three benefits that come with this type of device.

1. Lower Energy Bills

With a traditional thermostat, you have to remember to change the temperature before you leave home or go to bed. Otherwise, the device keeps your HVAC system running constantly, depending on your preferred indoor temperature.

A smart thermostat allows you to set when your device switches on and off. In many cases, you can control your thermostat from an app, too. That means you can turn it off — and use less energy — when you don't need heating or cooling.

Using less energy equates to paying less each month for your electricity bills.

2. Keep Tabs on Your Energy Usage

Another benefit of a installing a smart thermostat is that it can help you be a more conscientious consumer. Your smart thermostat can track your regular HVAC usage and tell you if your habits have changed over time. Let's say you're using more air-conditioning or heating this month: your unit will alert you so you're not surprised by a higher bill.

Your smart thermostat may even be able to help you save money on bills down the line. Just as it tells you when your usage is up, it can give you tips for reducing that number, or highlight when you've cut back.

3. It's Easy to Use

We already mentioned the fact that your smart thermostat will probably come with an app so you can control it from wherever you are. But these devices are meant to ensure you use energy as efficiently as possible.

Aside from the easy install — which most Energy Star-approved smart thermostats boast — you'll find other ingenious features built into your device. For example, some come with motion sensors, so they can tell when you or your family members get home. As soon as there's movement, it will signal to the HVAC system to turn on.

Some smart thermostats will also learn your patterns and habits when it comes to heating and cooling. This is another one of the major smart thermostat benefits: it will start to adjust to how you use it and automatically turn on and off based on when it knows you want to be warm or cool.

Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

We hope the above three points answer your question, is a smart thermostat worth it? We think so, especially if you want to make your house more eco-friendly, cost-effective, comfortable, and easy to run.

If you're ready to install a smart thermostat, we can help to get your house running at its best. Click here to request an appointment and get started today.