Why Do My Lights Flicker When My Air Conditioner Comes On?

A Light BulbLights flickering when your heating and air conditioning system comes on is not normal.

So, why do my lights flicker when my unit comes on?

The most amount of power your unit will consume is when it first starts. It takes more power to start the system than it does to run the system. With this being the case, some homeowners experience lights flickering due to the power usage on start up.

You should have your system checked by a professional because the problem can be solved. They make a number of items that could be deployed to fix this problem and it will save you energy by not pulling so much power on start up.

That is a good reason for why it is more efficient to run longer on those peak demand days of really hot or really cold weather than it is to start and stop. Just like driving on the interstate is better on your gas mileage than driving in start and stop traffic.

If you are having this issue please call a qualified heating and air conditioning contractor to evaluate your system and they should offer you solutions to stop the lights from flickering and to help you start saving energy.

Your friend in comfort and energy savings,
Derek Cole

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