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SO MANY OPTIONS...Which Air Filter Should I Use?


You should use the best filter for your home. Let me explain this because it is kind of hard to understand. It depends on your house and on your duct system as to which filter you need. Now, I do always recommend air cleaning, which is a different type of filtration, than if you use a filter. If you are going to use a filter, you want it to be the right one.

You go to the store and they have like two rows of filters or two aisles of filters really. You have the cheap one for like $1 and then you have the $30, $50 filters. Then, you think that one must be better because it is that much. Your system will determine what type of filter it can handle. So, if you have a tight home, a newer home, it is a tight, energy efficient construction and if your duct system is tight putting in a really high MERV rated (better) filter in that system could cause more problems.

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You could put in a filter that stops the air flow, which is a problem. The other side of the spectrum is a cheaper filter, an $.87 filter and it is not good at all. The only thing it is stopping is sandwich bags and soda cans and anything else you throw at it. Yeah, it is 100% efficient at stopping that, but 98% of the stuff we are trying to stop are the particles you can’t see. If you look at your TV, or your cabinet and you see dust on it, we are not trying to filter that because it is so heavy it is sitting there. You are trying to filter the particles in the air that are coming through. Those you cannot see. Once you get into air cleaning then you actually stop filtration and going into air cleaning which is the best option.The reason you want to do air cleaning is because now you are getting the small particles you cannot see and you are not stopping up your duct system.

If you go to the filter on the return grill and it is too tight and the filter is getting sucked in, then the filter is too much for that system to handle. You will need to go down in filters (MERV rating). The best thing to do is to get the technician, when he does your maintenance every year, to check your system and to recommend what filter is better for you. Some are good, some are bad, it really depends on your situation.


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