Is Your Heat Pump Freezing Up?

heat pump freezing

So your heat pump is freezing. Don’t worry! It’s normal to have some frost or ice form on your outdoor coil. But if it looks like Queen Elsa forgot her gloves, don’t just LET IT GO. There’s likely a more serious issue and you need to shut the system off immediately to avoid causing more damage.

Because your heating and cooling system is a complex piece of equipment, there are a variety of reasons (big and small) your coil will freeze. But don’t panic just yet, as there are potential causes you can identify yourself; a dirty air filter, blocked or closed supply or return vents, or the temperature on your thermostat (is it too low?).

More issues may lie within the frozen walls of your outdoor coil, but don’t start harvesting ice just yet. Causes only a professional can diagnose include:

  • Failed fan motor
  • Belt is worn, loose, or broken
  • Failed relay
  • Low on charge
  • Dirty blower wheel
  • Air restriction
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Dirty or damaged coil

If you’re unable to troubleshoot what is causing your system to malfunction on your own, call our team at (757) 868-7600! One of our highly trained technicians will safely defrost your system (think of it as a warm hug for your coil) and conduct a full evaluation. You’ll review options for repair before any work is done. Our goal is to get your system back in working order the same day, assuming the parts are available. You can’t beat that!