What’s the Difference Between Repair and Rejuvenation?

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Having regular maintenance on your system through an annual ReJUVenation is necessary to avoid potential costly repairs.

In order for one of our technicians to perform an AC or Furnace ReJUVenation, the system must be fully operational. This precision tune-up and professional cleaning is especially important as it revitalizes your your home comfort system and keeps it running as close to factory fresh as possible. Even ENERGY STAR recommends it! And for a limited time, you can schedule one for just $111 (regularly $179). Seems like a no-brainer, right?

If your system is malfunctioning in any way, you’ll need to schedule a Service Appointment. One of our technicians will do a complete system evaluation, meaning they will thoroughly check and test all of the components of the system. Our evaluations are a flat rate of $69, no matter how long it takes. And Comfort Club members receive a discounted rate of $49. As a result, once the source of the problem is pinpointed, you will receive those details along with options for repair, therefore avoiding any confusion.

In conclusion, our goal is to keep your home comfort system running smoothly through annual or seasonal maintenance. If your equipment is in need of repair, we can handle that too! Any questions? Let us know, or schedule a ReJUVenation or Service appointment today by contacting our Client Care team at (757) 656-3023!