Is a Bigger AC Unit Better?

It’s time for a new AC installation. But is a bigger unit better?

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The Short Answer? No.

Some companies will try to up-sell you to a larger system. They will tell you it will keep you more comfortable. That is simply not correct, and here’s why…

AC units that are too large tend to cycle on and off a whole lot more. Although it may seem more efficient, it actually is costing you more money because it’s using more energy. Cooling off the space unnecessarily quick can also lead to more humidity. The air will constantly feel sticky and just plain uncomfortable. Bigger equipment also means a bigger price tag.

There you have it! Bigger is not always better.

So What Happens If The AC Unit Is Too Small?

It will constantly run because it can’t maintain the desired temperature, which also costs you more money. You’ll never be comfortable and your system will wear out quicker. Please note, doing any major remodeling to your home will also affect comfort levels as your current AC unit is specifically designed for whatever space existed when it was installed.

You Need A System That’s Just Right.

Our Comfort Advisors take precise measurements when they are in your home, accounting for way more than just square footage. That way our team can install the Perfect Sized System. It will keep you comfortable, save you money, and have a long life. Plus it’s the ONLY size we install. When it comes to your home comfort system, size DOES matter.

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