How Can I Save on HVAC Energy Costs?

Google how to save on energy costs and you’ll find no shortage of advice. But living in the dark and taking cold showers isn’t very appealing. Skip shivering in the cold, you’re living in the 21st century! Take advantage of HVAC advancements for cost-effective energy efficiency.

Perform a Home Energy Audit

To learn how to save money on energy costs, start by identifying excess energy expenses. A home energy audit measures your energy use. You or a professional auditor will also check for vulnerabilities. These include:

  • Air Leaks
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Poor venting
  • Inefficient ductwork
  • A dirty furnace blower

Your assessment will find necessary repairs and upgrades. Making the recommended changes could save you up to 30% on your utility bills.

Maintain/Upgrade Your HVAC System

The average U.S. household spends 42% of their energy bill on heating and cooling. In comparison, electronics power usage only accounts for 21%. An inefficient HVAC system has a big impact on your energy consumption.

Regular maintenance improves the performance of your system. Get annual heating and air conditioning tune-ups for the best results. Even replacing a dirty filter can help. These check-ups also uncover potential problems with your ductwork or HVAC equipment. Performing the needed work will lead to better efficiency and lower energy bills.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart heating and cooling use are also key to energy savings. Choose the right settings and adjust them, as necessary. Install a smart thermostat to automate the process and give you more control. This simple upgrade can lower your utility bills 10% to 20%. That’s an average savings of about $180 per year!

Smart usage will help save on energy. But frugal behavior can only do so much. Without the right equipment or maintenance, conservation efforts won’t have the desired impact. Take the steps outlined here to ensure top efficiency in your heating and cooling system. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning provides many services that can help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your HVAC energy consumption.