One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston Partners with Local Veterans Organization

In February 2016, our team became aware of the work being done with the PTSD Foundation of America at Camp Hope and how beneficial it is to our well-deserving veterans. At the time, the Camp Hope facilities were comprised of one office building, four residential buildings, and one training building.

One Hour Partners With Local Veterans Organization

With many of our own being veterans, partnering with Camp Hope seemed to be the perfect fit. After discussing how we could help with the team at Camp Hope, it was decided that we would provide maintenance and service on existing units at no cost to the facility.

The day our One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating trucks rolled onto the campgrounds was one that will never be forgotten. With 10 trucks and 20 fellow veterans, we set to work on over 25 heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

But still, we felt more could be done. To date, we have outfitted two new buildings with complete HVAC systems, installed new Wi-Fi enabled thermostats for 20+ units, and reconfigured ductwork in several building. To date, over $40,000 in labor and services has been provided, but this pales in comparison to the work that is done for our veterans by the Camp Hope team.

The One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Houston mission statement is “I will.” This statement means each of us, as individuals, will do everything in our power to take care of our customers and in this case, take care of our veterans.

Military discounts are provided to veteran and active military service men and women. To learn more, please call 713-352-7903.

Credit: Jimmy Sanchez, Operations Manager and United States Marine Corps Veteran