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The friendly, knowledgeable air conditioning repair technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston have the skill set to repair air conditioners of all makes and models. Using industry-grade tools and equipment, we diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

Do I Need Air Conditioner Repair in Houston, TX?

Before scheduling AC repair in Houston, you need to know that something’s wrong. Look for these signs your air conditioner needs to be repaired:

Your AC Blows Warm Air

Your AC should only blow cool air; warm air from the vents is a sign that something may be wrong with your refrigerant or compressor. If the problem isn’t in your air conditioner’s machinery, it could be from a leak in your ducts. Ducts with cracks and holes can pull hot air from an un-cooled attic or crawlspace and blow it into your home.

There’s Insufficient Airflow from Your Vents

Your AC blower distributes air from the indoor unit throughout your home, but it can malfunction. A dead fan motor, loose fan belt, or clogged fan blades may mean that the cooled air from your air conditioner never circulates properly. Larger rooms or rooms with oddly placed vent registers may not cool completely.

Your Air Conditioner Cycles Frequently

Short cycling—a process where your air conditioner switches on and off in very short intervals—is an unfortunately common, harmful malfunction. It’s usually a sign that something else is wrong, such as:

  • Leaking refrigerant

  • Leaking vents and air ducts

  • A malfunctioning thermostat

  • Dirty air filters

  • An oversized or undersized air conditioner

Your Home Humidity Increases

Houston is already a humid city, which is why most people trust their air conditioners to help with dehumidifying. In addition to recommending a whole-home dehumidifier to maximize indoor air quality, an AC technician may:

  • Adjust your fan speed

  • Install a thermal expansion valve (TXV) to regulate the release of refrigerant into your AC system

  • Clean your evaporator coils

  • Check your refrigerant charge

You Notice Water Leaking from Your Unit

Your air conditioner produces water as a part of the cooling process. If the water isn’t draining properly, it’s likely a problem with a clogged condensate drain line backing up into your unit. To avoid property damage, mold growth, musty smells, and high indoor humidity, call for air conditioner repair in Houston to clear up this problem.

Your AC Gives Off a Bad Smell

Even if you can’t see water backed up into your unit, you may be able to smell it. A clogged line can also cause a stale or musty smell from your air conditioner by encouraging mold and bacteria growth, as can excess humidity from dirty evaporator coils.

Unusual Noises from Your Unit

Strange noises are a prime indicator that there’s something wrong inside your air conditioner that you can’t see. Rattling, banging, hissing, whistling, and clicking can indicate an issue that needs prompt repairs. It could be anything from a loose part or compressor malfunction to a refrigerant leak or broken fan motor.

Your Energy Bill Skyrockets

When running normally, your air conditioner should draw a relatively steady amount of power. If the Houston weather isn’t unusually hot, but your electricity bill is climbing, that can be a sign that something’s causing your air conditioner to be inefficient. You may need Houston AC repair for leaking ducts, a broken motor, faulty capacitors, or leaking refrigerant.

Common Causes for Your Air Conditioner to Stop Working

There are many reasons AC units might stop working, including:

  • Mechanical complications. Parts wear down and give out over time. We can replace a faulty part to keep your air conditioner cooling your Houston home.

  • Dirty air filters. HVAC air filters need to be changed regularly: every 30 to 90 days depending on the filter type! Without regular changes, your system may strain to cool your home, wearing out parts faster. If your home has several indoor pets or someone in the home has allergies or asthma, you may need to change filters more often.

  • Low refrigerant. If left unchecked, low refrigerant will eventually lead to frozen evaporator coils. This can cause many complications. If you notice ice on the refrigerant lines, water leaking around your unit, or that your system struggles to cool your home, call for AC repair from Houston’s experts.

  • A blocked condenser unit. Your outdoor unit needs airflow to function properly, which is why you should never cover your AC when it’s running. Debris from Houston’s storm season can cause strain on the system or break interior parts if left to sit on the unit for too long.

  • A defective thermostat. Your thermostat could experience an electrical malfunction, leaving it unable to communicate properly with your air conditioner. It may also wear out from age, get stuck running your AC constantly, or read the temperature in your home inaccurately. We recommend replacing older, faulty thermostats with an upgraded smart thermostat.

  • Dirty/frozen evaporator coils. Dirty coils block airflow, meaning the refrigerant in them never warms back up and the coils freeze over. The dirt and ice prevent warm air from coming into contact with the refrigerant-cooled coils that should cool the air before blowing it through your vents. Evaporator coils are sealed and delicate, making them a challenging repair that needs a professional touch.

  • Fan problems. Your blower fan may malfunction for a variety of reasons, from frozen coils to regular wear and tear. Call for Houston air conditioner repair if your fan won’t start or stop, rotates slowly, makes loud noises, or causes your AC to short cycle.

Problems with your air conditioner can also be exacerbated by leaking ducts. If you notice extra dust in your home, your ducts blowing warm air, or a hike in your energy bill, one of our Houston AC repair technicians can determine if both your air conditioner and ducts need repair.

How to Troubleshoot an Air Conditioner Before Scheduling Repairs

We know it can be frustrating to sweat things out in the Houston heat; you want to keep your AC cooling however you can! When you notice your air conditioner struggling, take these steps to alleviate the problem before calling the professionals:

  • Replace your air filters.

  • Check your thermostat settings.

  • Check for tripped breakers in your home’s electrical panel.

  • Inspect your outside AC unit for damages and clear away any debris or dirt.

  • Open all indoor vents and make sure they’re not blocked by furniture or other household items.

If troubleshooting doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the experts. For the best AC repair in Houston, choose One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for 24/7 repair, even on weekends and holidays.

Schedule the Best Air Conditioner Repair Near Me!

For professional, certified repairs, it has to be One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston. We specialize in emergency AC repairs and are “Always on time…or you don’t pay a dime!®” We offer a 100% on-time guarantee as well as warranties on all labor and parts backed by the trusted UWIN® guarantee.

For reliable air conditioner service, call (713) 352-7903 or contact us online to request an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair an air conditioner?

Each air conditioner repair is unique. Costs can be affected by:

  • What type of repair it is

  • Whether or not there’s a warranty

  • The age and condition of your unit

  • How complicated the repair is

  • What parts we need to repair your AC

  • The labor involved

After an inspection and diagnosis, we will offer a detailed and transparent price estimate. We will always be transparent about costs and never add on hidden fees or charges. If you need payment assistance, we offer flexible financing, credit lines, and payment plans.

Should I repair or replace my AC unit?

Air conditioners start to get old at about 10 years: That’s when EnergyStar recommends replacing your unit instead of opting for repairs. The older an AC unit gets, the less repairs seem worth the expense. Simple repairs can extend your air conditioner’s life for a few more Houston summers but more complicated problems cost more than they’re worth. Replacing your air conditioner means you get a more efficient model with lower chances of breakdown.

How long do HVAC units last?

The long cooling season in Houston may mean that your air conditioner wears out sooner than it usually would, but you can typically expect:

  • Standard air conditioners to last 15 to 20 years with maintenance and 10 years without regular care.

  • Heat pumps to last 10 to 20 years.

  • Ductless mini-splits to last 10 to 30 years.

Related Services

  • AC Installation & Replacement: Sometimes, getting a new, energy-efficient AC unit is the best bet for your Houston home instead of paying for pricey AC repair. Call today – we can install any AC unit!

  • AC Maintenance: Our HVAC maintenance technicians offer regular AC checks to detect issues before any complications materialize. Our Houston maintenance team will also perform routine services, such as changing air filters.

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