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Houston is already hot, but with summers across the US getting longer and hotter, air conditioning is more vital than ever. When your air conditioner gets old, a quick AC replacement in Houston, TX, can mean the difference between working or relaxing in comfort and sweating while you wait for some unreliable AC company.

Choose the timely, professional air conditioner installation Houston property owners can trust. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston employs trained, background-checked, and knowledgeable technicians who will install your new air conditioner right the first time. Whether we’re installing a completely new air conditioning system or replacing a busted unit, we’ll have your house or building cooling down in no time.

The Types of Air Conditioners We Install

If you don’t know what it takes to install an air conditioner, don’t sweat it; that’s what the pros are for! We handle installing a range of different air conditioners, making sure your home or business stays cool, no matter the system you choose.

  • Central air conditioning. One of the most common systems in the city, central AC installation in Houston works with any building that already has ducts. If you have a newer or older home without ducts and vents, you’ll need ductwork installed. Central AC installation can be combined with a furnace or air handler or be included as part of a heat pump.
  • Ductless split or mini-split. For a home without ducts, a ductless split system is one of the easiest ways to add cooling. In-room air handlers distribute cooled air from one outdoor condenser unit. In-room units are usually wall- or ceiling-mounted. This is also a great solution for adding AC to a garage apartment or shed workspace.
  • Wall air conditioners. These in-wall units are similar to a ductless split system but only control the cooling for one area instead of the whole home. You control the temperature manually at each unit rather than setting a central thermostat. They’re ideal for additions or for an inexpensive way to cool just one area of a building.
  • Air-source or geothermal heat pumps. Heat pumps are incredibly efficient HVAC systems that heat and cool. Geothermal heat pumps are more expensive and require underground installation. Air-source heat pumps, while slightly less efficient, offer the same heating and cooling benefits as a central air conditioner and are a more affordable option.

Signs You Need AC Installation or AC Replacement in Houston

Some signs of an air conditioner failing may be obvious, but how do you really know you need a replacement? One of our licensed technicians can inspect your system and tell you whether repair or replacement is the best option. In the meantime, here are the signs that your AC is ready for an upgrade.

Your Unit Regularly Blows Warm Air

The point of your air conditioner is to pump cool air throughout your home! If your vents blow warm air for a minute or two when the AC kicks on, this is a normal adjustment period. If warm air comes out for longer than that, call the pros for help.

Your Home Cools Unevenly

With sufficient airflow, cool air should travel throughout your home to be distributed evenly. If some spaces stay significantly warmer or colder than others, it could be a sign that something’s going wrong in your AC unit or ducts.

You Notice Your Air Conditioner Turning On and Off Rapidly

Called “short cycling” or “frequent cycling,” this rapid on/off switch indicates that something is wrong. It often means that your air conditioner can’t read that the rooms it cools are already at the desired temperature.

The Humidity at Home Is On the Rise

Houston homeowners trust their air conditioners to help regulate indoor humidity, alongside a dehumidifier. If the indoor humidity level is above 50%, your air conditioner may overwork itself to compensate. We can install a new AC that works efficiently, even in high humidity.

There Are Water Leaks from Your AC

Water leaking from your air conditioner indicates some sort of internal disruption, often a drain blockage or humidity buildup. An untreated problem can lead to mold and bad odors in your unit. If you notice water leaking, there’s a good chance it’s time for a Houston air conditioner replacement.

Your Air Conditioner Emits Bad Smells

When something stinks in your AC, it’s almost always because moisture has attracted mold or bacteria and other microbes. Lesser issues may be fixed with a repair, but if the problem has gone untreated, it may be healthier to opt for a new air conditioner.

Your Air Conditioner Has Gotten Much Noisier

Has your AC suddenly gotten much louder when it runs? There may be a problem inside it causing the racket. Call the air conditioner pros if you hear unusual banging, rattling, clicking, whistling, loud humming/buzzing, or hissing; some of these noisy problems can be serious hazards.

Your Energy Bill Keeps Going Up

Energy costs sometimes raise on their own, so a minor jump in the monthly bill isn’t cause for alarm. However, if you notice a significant increase in how much you’ve been paying, it could be a sign that your AC is losing efficiency as it ages.

You Need Air Conditioner Repairs Again and Again

If your air conditioner has recurring issues, those repairs can add up. Eventually, replacing the AC is more cost-effective than continuing to pay for repairs. Instead of constantly fixing the same ever-broken AC, choose a newer model with fewer issues.

Why We’re Your Go-to for Air Conditioner Installation in Houston, TX

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to make sure we leave you satisfied with every job we do. Our technicians are trained and certified, as well as being thoroughly vetted before entering your home. We stay on top of the latest industry standards and practices, so you’re always getting the most qualified care and advice.

Stop waiting around for an HVAC technician who always shows up late. We back our jobs with our Always On Time... Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!® guarantee. Plus, we guarantee your satisfaction at the price we tell you: no hidden fees.

Call Our Experts for Houston AC Installation and Replacement

When it comes to air conditioner installation, we have the local experts with the training to get the job done right. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Houston for top-notch, on-time service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll evaluate and replace air conditioners of any age, make, or model, making us Houston’s go-to air conditioning experts. Schedule same-day emergency service or pencil us in whenever it’s convenient for you! Call (713) 352-7903 or book an appointment online today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time for an air conditioner repair or replacement service?

If your air conditioner is older than 10 years or repairs will cost about as much or more than a new unit, it’s time for air conditioner replacement! Minor repairs are great for keeping a unit running, but over time, their cost starts to add up. If you’d need to replace your air conditioner soon anyway, it’s best to replace it now and choose a newer, more efficient model.

How long do home air conditioners last?

If you schedule regular AC maintenance, your unit could last up to 15 years. With routine annual maintenance, your air conditioner will be better able to withstand regular wear and tear before needing a replacement. Without regular maintenance, your AC is more likely to last about 10 years.

How much does air conditioner replacement cost in Houston?

Air conditioner replacement costs vary depending on how much work needs to be done to accommodate the unit, what make and model you choose, and the difficulty of installation at your home. For example, adding ductwork for a central AC or installing an indoor unit in a hard-to-reach location may increase labor costs. However, we’re always upfront about costs and will never hide fees or gouge prices in an emergency.

Can I install an AC unit myself?

We don’t recommend installing an air conditioner yourself. AC units are complex and require a blend of technical and safety knowledge to install properly. An improper installation may end up costing you more money as incorrectly installed parts require repairs.

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