3 Technological Advancements to Make Your Home Run More Efficiently

It gets humid in Niceville, Florida, and this can reduce the indoor air quality of your home — and your overall comfort. Luckily, there are technological advancements that can make your home’s HVAC system run more efficiently. Programmable thermostats, HVAC UV lighting, and aerosol duct sealing are three technological advancements with multiple energy-saving benefits.

Programmable Thermostat

The programmable thermostat is a winner when it comes to controlling your home’s temperature with precision — no more waking up cold or going to bed hot. Plus, you can set your thermostat so you always come home to the perfect temperature without running your utility bills through the roof. Programmable thermostats allow you to have your home’s temperature on a schedule that meets your family’s needs. Now you can achieve comfort and efficiency all at the same time.

HVAC UV Lighting

Adding a UV Light to your HVAC provides multiple benefits. First, it increases your airflow without adding strain to your system. Second, it destroys the microorganisms that obstruct your airflow. It also kills volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which affect your home’s air quality and your health. Since it kills these VOCs, it will improve your indoor air quality and reduce health-inhibiting allergens. Finally, you’ll decrease your energy bill. That’s super efficiency!

Aerosol Duct Sealing

Unlike tape and adhesive duct sealing, aerosol duct sealing is not a cover-up; it’s a solution. It seals both visible and hidden leaks. Furthermore, its non-toxic, water-based solution will not harm your family or pets. Since it effectively seals your ducts, there is less strain on your HVAC system. In summary, aerosol duct sealing improves your air quality, improves your system’s efficiency, and keeps you cooler in the summer.

These technological advancements individually and collectively deliver comfort, savings, and efficiency. Don’t you think you and your family deserve a comfortable home with cleaner air, as well as savings on your energy bill?

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