How to Get the Most Out of Your Wireless Thermostat

A wireless thermostat is loaded with energy-saving features that simplify your life. Thanks to a new generation of technology, your thermostat can adjust the temperature, lower your energy bills or automate your home. Harness the power of your thermostat by taking advantage of these features.

Setting up Remote Access

Remote access separates smart thermostats from their conventional counterparts. Once your thermostat is connected to a wireless gateway or router, you can create an account, download the remote access app and add the device to your dashboard. You can even control who is able to adjust the thermostat.

Programming Your Heating and Cooling Schedule

Smart thermostats are easy to program using the touchscreen or online interface. An Energy Star-qualified smart thermostat will lower your heating and cooling bills by 8 to 20 percent. For best results, program three or four setback periods that last six to eight hours each. Learning thermostats automatically track your schedule and complete the programming for you.

Creating a Home Automation Network

Depending on the model, setting up a home automation network could be as easy as adding wireless sensors and smart devices. A stand-alone automation bridge and monthly subscription might be required. Either way, your thermostat can control your home’s major systems. Smart thermostats also integrate with Alexa-enabled devices that support voice commands.

Using your Wireless Thermostat’s Other Features

Smart thermostats feature a host of tools for saving energy and improving your comfort. These are a few of the most popular enhancements.

  • Filter-change and maintenance reminders protect your equipment and lower your energy bills.
  • Smart comfort settings let you request additional filtration and dehumidification to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Thermostats provide weather forecasts and storm alerts for your hometown in northwestern Florida.
  • Energy management tools track your air conditioner’s performance and recommend ways to save.

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