Niceville/Gulf Breeze – Do UV Lights for HVAC Systems Work?

UV or ultraviolet lights have been used in hospitals, water treatment plants, and food preparation facilities for decades. They can also kill viruses, bacteria, and pests like dust mites in your Fort Walton Beach, Florida, home. UV lights for HVAC systems work to improve your indoor air quality, save energy, and reduce inconvenient breakdowns due to wear and tear.

Better Indoor Air Quality

UV air purifiers use UVC light to eliminate microorganisms and prevent biological growth, illnesses like colds, and many other issues. The atmosphere usually blocks this type of light and allows less harmful UVA and UVB rays through. Since UV lights can’t remove dead organisms, pollen, dust, or other contaminants, you’ll still need to change your system’s air filter regularly. You can choose a coil sterilization light that shines on the evaporator coil in your indoor unit or an air sterilization light that works inside your ducts.

Energy Savings

Pests and biological growth in your HVAC system’s ductwork or on your evaporator coil reduce efficiency. Contaminants in your ducts restrict your system’s airflow, forcing your fan to work harder and use more power. Microorganisms on your coils keep the refrigerant inside from heating or cooling your air well. A UV light can prevent all of these problems. To save even more energy, use an air sterilization light that comes on only when your HVAC system is working.

Fewer Breakdowns

Increasing your system’s efficiency will reduce wear and extend its life. Keeping pests and other small organisms from reproducing can prevent them from damaging parts like your fan. You won’t have to cancel all your plans to deal with sudden, expensive breakdowns. You also won’t need to get your ducts cleaned as often.

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