4 HVAC Issues That Definitely Warrant an Emergency Call

It’s always inconvenient when your HVAC system goes out in your Niceville, FL home. Although many HVAC issues are serious, not all qualify as an emergency. Common HVAC problems, such as leaky pipes or dirty air filters, can usually wait a few days to be addressed. However, the following signs should be taken seriously.

Loud Noises

Loud, screeching sounds can be the cause of a loose belt. However, you may also hear screeching noises because of a dangerous, high pressure level. If you hear loud, screeching sounds when your system kicks on, you should call your local HVAC company immediately. Popping or buzzing sounds can indicate electrical issues. If these sounds aren’t addressed by a technician, then it may cause more issues in the long run.

Burning Smell

A burning smell from your HVAC system is never a good sign, as it may indicate an electrical problem. Shut off the power to your HVAC system immediately. Once you have safely turned off the power, call in our HVAC emergency repair specialists.

Weak Airflow

When your HVAC system suddenly produces weak airflow or even opposite temperature — hot air comes out of your cooling vents or cold air from your heating system — make an emergency HVAC call. A number of issues could be causing this emergency, such as ductwork issues or blockage. We’ll be able to evaluate the issue and avoid a complete system failure.

No Response

Turning your HVAC system on and nothing happens is an obvious sign that something is very wrong. Although this is rare, it often happens at the worst possible time. Typically, it indicates an issue with your system’s components. With regular maintenance, you should be able to avoid emergency HVAC issues. But if you do spot any of these signs, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of Niceville a call immediately at (850) 783-4194.