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Jacob Russavage Profile Image

Jacob Russavage

(a week ago)

"Gailyn did an amazing job for McCarthy's One hour heating and air. He was able to quickly determine that our system had somehow lost communication and got the system back up and running. While doing so his communication to us on what problems he saw with the system and the priority of the repairs were very detailed and well discussed. I very much appreciate his time and dedication to the job to give us the service in which he did. If I can request him for next visit I will be sure to do so."

Jennifer Parkhurst Profile Image

Jennifer Parkhurst

(a month ago)

"Joe was wonderful! He was so kind and easy to work with- I appreciated him taking the time to explain everything and help us find the right option for our home. I highly recommend using McCarthy's- Brandon and Joe were the best!"

David Moritz Profile Image

David Moritz

(a week ago)

"Brandon was incredible and even explained things to me when I asked. He’s a dog lover and gave my pup a treat! On the phone they were very professional and courteous!"

Tom Hawbaker Profile Image

Tom Hawbaker

(3 weeks ago)

"This is story about professionalism and integrity, a tale every homeowner wants to hear. Rest assured, the technician earning these accolades -- P. Jack Drakulich -- will be requested by name for all our future HVAC service needs. Briefly, this past winter, our 2020 Goodman furnace would routinely stop running after a day or so, without the fuse being tripped. The furnace would immediately restart when the fuse was turned off and then back on; and continue running another 24-36 hours before shutting down again. Otherwise, the furnace was in perfect operating order. Goodman described the defect as a "lock out" and attributed the problem to certain recall parts (blower guard kit) installed in 2022. It described the fix as simple -- remove the blower guard kit and replace the existing plastic drain pan with a metal one. Goodman provided the metal drain pan and agreed to cover the labor. We asked the technician who performed the 2022 recall to complete the fix. Upon completion, the inducer started, the burners ignited, but the furnace quickly emitted a burning odor, running hot. It shut down shortly after ignition. The blower did not start. The technician told us this new problem was unrelated to the 2024 warranty work and that he would now have to start billing us rather than Goodman to identify and resolve the problem. He assured us the furnace had been put back in proper working order. We declined his service on the spot, despite his assertion that there may be a simple fix. We called McCarthy to review, evaluate and remedy the defect(s) rendering our furnace inoperable. Jack -- who had a real opportunity to profit from our predicament -- immediately solved the mystery. He advised the blower was not plugged in, contrary to the prior technician's assurances that he had hooked everything back up. Rather than remaining mum and billing additional time and ordering unneeded replacement parts, Jack promptly rectified the problem. We spent the balance of his service call time making sure there no other actual or potential issues left behind by the prior technician, including the possible loss of refrigerant. Jack confirmed the AC was running, normally. Jack's a straight shooter. We recommend him without hesitation."

Lindsey Jackson Profile Image

Lindsey Jackson

(3 months ago)

"McCarthy's is my go-to HVAC company. Before my appointment, I received a call to let me know that our technician was running ahead of schedule and they asked if it was okay to send him over. After I agreed, I got a text message with my technician's photo so I knew exactly who I was meeting. Cornell, our tech, was friendly and answered all of my questions. He provided me a review of what he did, and recommended services. I scheduled my next maintenance service on the spot. Highly recommend!"