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High Efficiency HVAC Systems Will Help Offset Rising Energy Costs

The NC Utility Commission’s recent ruling that permits rate increases by Duke Energy means that your electric bills will be rising. One way that you can offset those costs is by investing in a higher efficiency HVAC system.

The North Carolina State Utility Commission recently approved a 5.5 percent rate increase for Duke Energy Progress, which services the Triad east. The new rate went into effect June 1 and will be implemented over two years. A typical monthly residential electrical bill of $102 will increase to approximately $116. This rate increase will affect almost two million homes and businesses in North Carolina. Duke Energy Carolinas, which services the Western part of North Carolina, will see a similar increase in the near future. If you have been thinking about replacing your HVAC system, now is a good time to do so.

Central air conditioning systems are rated for efficiency by the acronym SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), which represents the amount of heat moved from your home as a ratio of the energy that it takes to run the system. Some years ago a 10 SEER system was considered “high efficiency,” while now the minimum efficiency of newly manufactured central AC equipment is 13 SEER. This US Government imposed minimum standard will increase to 14 SEER in 2015. Companies will no longer manufacture 13 SEER units as of January 2015.

We always recommend that you purchase as high-efficiency system as it fits your budget. Meanwhile, keep in mind that the 13 SEER minimum allowed by the US Department of Energy will soon become a relic. If purchasing a new system in the near future, consider staying ahead of the curve and going wif a 14 SEER rating.

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