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Use The Earth’s Temperature to Heat & Cool Your Home

What is a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System and What are its Benefits?

The geothermal heating and cooling systems offered today will take you off the municipal grid entirely, and you will have a comfortable home fed by the gas underneath your house. Aside from the amazing benefits of having a sustainable, efficient home, you’ll likely get tax credits for your environmentally responsible decision!

The property where your home sits may be ideal for a geothermal system, but you must understand how the system works before installing. This article explains how geothermal systems make your home as modern as possible.

#1: What Does The System Do?

A geothermal system uses energy created by the Earth to heat and cool your home. The heat energy is used in the winter to keep you warm, and the heat is used to power fans in the summer.

Your home’s system is all based on the energy that the Earth is producing every day. You are several thousand feet from the magma that heats the Earth, but the residual heat is available to you via a geothermal system.

#2: What Are The Benefits?

You will save considerable amounts of money on heating and cooling every month with a geothermal system, and the system practically runs itself. All the energy needed to run the system is found beneath your home, and you only spend money on maintenance of the system.

Geothermal units are a responsible way to keep your home comfortable, and you will notice that your utility bills will drop immediately. You no longer need the gas company, and the local power company is providing you with much less power.

#3: How Is The System Installed?

Your local HVAC company will install the system on your behalf using a funnel that digs deep underneath your home. There is a place where energy can be harnessed, and that energy will be fed into the new central unit. Your old HVAC unit will be removed, and new fans will be installed.

This system must be serviced by a professional, but all the energy needed to run the system comes from the Earth. You will hear almost noise as the system works, and the system is much simpler than traditional systems.

Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home is the most responsible thing you can do in today’s world.

Geothermal energy is very clean, and you can keep the system running for many years to come. Buyers in the future will pay a premium to purchase a home with a geothermal system, and you will remain comfortable through all the Durham, NC weather patterns.

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