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HVAC Trend Watch

Top 5 Heating & Air Conditioning Trends of 2015

Every year the world of HVAC evolves, and 2015 is no exception. The following are the top five heating and air conditioning trends of 2015. Knowing what is new this year can help businesses, individuals, and corporations adapt to the new year and new demands of heating and cooling.

New Regulations

Up first on the list are the many new regulations that are said to influence air conditioners this year. As the world continues to cut down on its carbon footprint countries are adding regulations to reduce emissions. In response, many manufacturers will have to work at creating air conditioners that have seasonal energy efficiency ratios of at least 14.

Continued Integration

Managing a business building can be tedious, but continued integration that allows building systems and HVAC controls to be controlled with the touch of a button will make the process much easier. Integrated systems that include lighting, access, HVAC systems, security, and more that are all manageable from one interface are going to change the way that buildings, factories, offices, and more operate.

Smart HVAC

There are smart cars, smart TVs, and smartphones, so it should not come as a huge surprise that smart thermostats are next up on the list. This is a great way to cut back on energy costs and consumption since the smart HVAC systems can assess the need for heating and decide when the thermostat needs to be moved up or down accordingly. For instance, if a room is unoccupied heating can be turned down or if a room becomes warmer than other rooms a vent can be blocked to reduce waste.

Super Smart HVAC

Control functions are just the beginning of super-smart HVAC systems, this new technology can eventually spill into a smart grid and eventually a smart city helping major cities reduce their average energy waste every year. Now that there are so many points of data building a grid that allows HVAC systems to communicate between buildings controlling heating and cooling is major.

Proprietary HVAC Controls

Despite the shift towards smart grids or smart buildings, there is still a lot of proprietary HVAC control systems out on the market and there likely are going to be for some time. Therefore, when purchasing items for your property or building it is important to make sure that they will properly integrate with each other.

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