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Don’t Let Fall Weather Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

3 Ways to Improve Home Ventilation for the Fall Season

The fall season is officially underway. Halloween, football, Thanksgiving, Major League Baseball playoffs, leaves changing color — the culmination of all these factors are just a little bit of what makes fall so enjoyable. Unfortunately, fall brings some bad things along with it for homes and apartments: high winds, falling leaves, increased rainfall, and cooler temperatures are some elemental factors that can cause home problems.

Maintenance is Key

The best steps any homeowner should take are preventative measures against mother nature interfering with the home’s well-being and welfare. If a house incurs damage from inclement weather, or, an excess of leaves, there is often nothing a homeowner can do unless they have sufficient expertise, knowledge, and equipment to successfully complete the repairs at hand.

The most common occurrences of mother nature messing with a home involves ventilation systems messing up in one way or another. An excess of leaves may block a heating & air conditioning unit from getting any air, cause it to overheat, and then needs to be replaced.

High winds may damage air ducts in a home, and cause an owner to either repair them or have new ones installed. Often times, the only way to successfully complete a job without much risk of messing up the home is by calling the local HVAC company and obtaining an estimate.

What All Can Mother Nature Do To A Home In The Fall Season?

Fall is notorious for the massive amount of leaves coming from trees, which is one of the most common problems that happen to a home in the fall. This large influx of leaves — especially when paired with high winds — can accumulate in the air ducts and cause blockages that prevent air from flowing through the ventilation.

How Do You Know If Your Home Is Messed Up?

If one’s heating & air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, one may need to check the air ducts for rips, tears, and breaks along the air ducts. If a homeowner notices that his or her electricity or gas bill has increased a significant amount recently, that may be a sign of a leak in the air ducts cause by high winds and excessive amounts of leaves.

What Should You Do If Your Home Is Negatively Affected By Fall?

If you know your home’s ventilation system is malfunctioning, and you are not 100% sure how to fix it, you should call the local HVAC company to get an estimate.

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